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June Movie Download HD 720p Leaked By June film starts out with the kids of June’s batch starting the first day of their Plus Two commerce class and spans the amount from school to school, careers, and married life. The nostalgia-inducing moments from school are rampant the women trying to hike up their skirts when their mothers aren’t looking, the games, the competitions, the romance, the inspiring teacher, the icy sip-ups.

But while it makes permanent memories, it is also stretched a touch and seems too literal. Thankfully, while the boys comment about the women and detect whom they might wish to romance, there are not any dialogues that leave a nasty taste of making the audience uncomfortable.

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Friendship, rom*nce, heartbreak, reunions, and weddings. this is often what June is all about. It introduces us to a gaggle of fun characters who bear resemblances to your former classmates you are feeling like hanging out with them. there’s June’s first crush and boyfriend Noel (Sarjano Khalid) a rather introverted kid yearning to be a filmmaker then there’s Anand (Arjun Ashokan), a stalker from a special school.

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After they enter adulthood, things turn a touch complicated because Noel’s constant got to please his father irks the independent June. Anand goes through a stimulating transformation within the last half, which brings a much-needed lightheartedness to the proceedings. After the recent Varathan, Arjun once more impresses with a vibrant performance. I also developed a specific fondness for the ‘Asura’ trio played by Sanju KS, Akhil Manoj, and Harisankar.

June Movie Download HD 720p

Joju George shines within the role of June’s affable and protective father, who is more open-minded than her staunchly conservative mother (Ashwathi Menon). After June takes a discreet road trip with Noel, her mother makes her daughter swear on the bible, while her father forgives her immediately. he’s so cool that he becomes liable for June’s beer-drinking habit.

It doesn’t take very long before we are shifted to June’s college days. But the film doesn’t seem to have an interest in exploring this segment much. Perhaps it’s a wise decision given the barrage of school films we’ve been bombarded with. Instead, it becomes the contemporary, female-centric, coming-of-age drama, that Malayalam cinema has been missing for quite awhile.

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Though June is that the main character, the film doesn’t ignore its background characters. Their interactions are heartwarming, and in their insecurities, fights, and regrets, you notice one among yours too. there’s that friend who had dreamed of achieving bigger things but opted for a safer alternative instead.

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And there’s that one that wont to be a loser in class but is now enjoying an enviable status in society. As usual, Rajisha is extremely effective within the role, but apart from her different makeovers, there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between her 25-year-old and her 16-year-old selves. Perhaps she is one among those people that stay an equivalent even after entering adulthood.

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Aside from Rajisha Vijayan, Joju George, and Ashwathi Menon, the remainder of the film is replete with an assorted bunch of newcomers whose antics keep you glued to the screen. Despite the strong familiarity, June manages to strike a chord. Its intention is to go away you with a smile, which it does, in spades. this is often a movie that knows which buttons to push and when.

June Movie Download HD

Ah, to relive those youthful days, when there wasn’t a worry within the world except to seem good and catch the attention of the other s*x. Debut director Ahammed Khabeer goes all bent jog the viewers’ memories of the simplest of faculty days once you are during a rush to get older and he does an honest job of it. ‘June’ will appeal to the wide demographic of pre-teens, teens, and every one of those that were teens.

Rajisha Vijayan competently plays the title character in ‘June’, which tracks the protagonist’s life from age 16 to a few decades later. Along the way, we catch her evolving dynamics with friends and her parents. the great thing about the movie is that though the relationships change, there’s a foundation to every that stays strong.

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That said, the liberties within the father-daughter relationship seem a touch far-fetched. Yes, many fathers consider their girls nearly as good as boys and feel they will aspire to the maximum amount as any man, but do they really share a beer with their teenage daughters. The jury is out there one. Joju George makes his mark within the small role, as does Aswathi Menon as June’s mother.

The young men in June’s life are wimpy and sweet, but again the characters aren’t one-sided. Knowingly or unknowingly, all of them push June to try to do more at the important junctures in her life. Noel played by Sarjano Khalid and Arjun Asokan, who portrays Anand, are scene-stealers in their title.

Just once you thought the movie had some old-fashioned ideas and appeared like something you’ve got seen before, the director skilfully turns it around and ends with an extended climax scene that you simply don’t want to finish.

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