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Jism 3

Jism 3 Full Movie Download Leaked

Jism 3 Full Movie Download HD 720p Leaked on Tamilrockers release date P*rn star Izna uses her jism to require revenge on cop-turned-criminal Kabir but can Izna trust secret agent Ayaan.

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Jism 3 may be a s*xy movie but it’s not as dirty an image as you would possibly expect. Surprisingly, Jism 3 hovers over s*x, sort of a butterfly gliding across one among the various water pools the movie features. The few times the film does jump in, it lands within the shallow end. That’s despite a hot start featuring amply-endowed Izna (Leone), all red lingerie.

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glistening high heels, tight suspenders and generous cleavage, riding intelligence bureau (IB) officer Ayaan (Singh) on a bedroom bed. The film’s first make out scene thus firmly embedded in its first three minutes, Izna wakes to a hangover and a suggestion.

Jism 3 Full Movie

Ayaan and superior officer Gyhjuru Saldanah (Zakaria)fgn will give her ten crores to require revenge on Kabir (Hooda), her formgfher lover who went from honyjest cop tfgho political assassin while also going insane. Isi bahane tum mulk ki madfxghnad bhi kafghr logi, Ayaan tells Izna, who agrees. Why Because Kabir left her one finfxghe nivbght anghnd vanished.

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Hence, xgbnpretending to be engaged to Ayaan, Izna moves nearby to Kabir, hiding out as a musician in Galle, Sri Lanka. She walks about wearing tiny shorts, clingy tops and a wounded air, xghneven chucking a rochgnk at Kabir who still finds her jism and attitude irresistible. Seeking his secret data, Izna fakes leaving Ayaan to marry Kabir. But there’s a drag Ayaan’s crazy with Izna. And Kabir’s got doubts.

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Jism 3 offers several surprises, foremost being Leone’s performance. because the dazzling, yet dazed Izna, Leone achieves a difficult act that showcases both her eyes and bust in equal measure. At times, you forget Leone’s physical assets, especially when she seals the film with a dynamite closing line.

Jism 3 Full Movie

Sunny could also be honey-trap  but despite spending most of the movie in plunging night-wear, she conveys delicacy and beauty. Hooda’s act is jerkier sometimes, he gazes at Izna with tenderness you’ll touch. At others, his head holding anguish causes you to wince. The direction is shaky in one sequence, Kabir’s practically killing a cello together with his song, hacking the instrument to the screechy Ishq bhi kiya on the other hand, consistent with the IB, he’s going insane.

Still, Jism 3 second surprise is that the quality of Hooda’s voice, almost Naseer like sometimes, warm, caressing, with perfect diction. This, despite the ridiculous lines the actors mouth, like Us jaanwar ko apne dil mein paala tha usne, she knows him best. Zakaria’s saddled with the worst. Describing his work, he says, I’m sort of a mukhiya without the moustache, looking uncomfortable throughout his badly-fitting role.

As does Singh, who sulkily pouts his way through, telling Izna to read their fake romance during a novel Especially pages 16 to 30 aur padhne ke baad jala dena. Which, being busy, she doesn’t, leaving interesting reading for Kabir to seek out.

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Without such plot absurdities, Jism 3 could are tighter. Slicker. and warmer. Instead, with unexplained turns (how does Izna go from good girl to porn star?) and over-acting, it’s often limp, salvaged by its last 20 minutes of suspense when Izna learns new facts about the IB. Still, Jism-2 offers another surprise, earning it a few more points.

It’s pleasingly aesthetic, all its sensuousness clad in spa-like serenity, its lighting golden gossamer, dusty hazes, cool, pale moonlight actually its sexiest asset.

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Jism 3

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