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Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download

Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Raj Satya Hyderabad romance was a bit like a multitude created by a teenager. From calling gay men, not gentlemen to a person being struck by an arrow when a woman makes eye fixed contact to taking an auto from Hitech City to Dilsukhnagar to learning a thrown bag from GHMC dustbin and kissing it, we saw everything.

that would possibly be called illogical and outright stupid. Bhagya Lakshmi (Reshmi Menon) falls head over heels for Karthick (Rahul Ravindran). She tries hard and somehow wins over Karthick. When everything seems to be going fine between the couple, Karthick’s ex-lover, Vaishnavi(Jia) inherit the scene and disrupts the romance.

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Movie Review / Story

Why did Vaishnavi come into Karthick’s life? Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download What problems did she create for Karthick and the way does he begin this mess. That forms the remainder of the story. Yet again, Rahul Ravindran shines in his role of a category lover boy. The talented actor once more carries the film on his shoulders together with his settled performance.

Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download

Rahul’s performance is extremely good during all the emotional scenes within the last half. he’s one actor who is yet to urge his due in Tollywood as he gives his best in every film of his. Reshmi Menon also does an honest job in her role. The last half is where the particular story begins. Rahul’s backstory, his family values and therefore the way all this is often showcased decently. The friendship angle showcased and therefore the emotion derived from its good.

Music by Sunil Kashyap is simply about okay. Editing my M R Varma is more average than was the special effects. Production values from S N Reddy were Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download pretty good. Coming to the director Raj, he has done a half-hearted job with the film. Even after having a seasoned performer like Rahul Ravindran, he narrated the film on a pale note and didn’t manage to carry the audience attention together with his disappointing narration.

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Karthik (Rahul) may be an engineer who deals with Metro Project constructions. He falls for Bhagya Lakshmi (Rashmi Menon), and she or he also loves him. once they are close to proposing an equivalent, Karthik’s ex-lover Vaishnavi (Jiya) enters the story. The actor’s looks and personalities reveal an equivalent. there’s nothing great to reveal about the performances. Rahul has improved tons now, but this movie shows us the old Rahul.

Hyderabad Love Story Movie

Most of the scenes looked artificial together with his acting. Rashmi Menon also delivered a mean performance within the film. She did not impress with the looks. Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download Jiya is that the other heroine within the movie who’s on board for glamour purposes. But her role didn’t work. Rao Ramesh role lacks continuity. All the opposite actors fit their roles but had no scope to perform to their extent.

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Movie Songs

Sunil Kashyap music may be a huge plus point of the movie. The tunes are fresh within the film. The background score appeared repetitive. MR Varma is Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download sweet together with his special effects. But the film’s content couldn’t help him much to explore. The editing is okay and good. The technical team tried its best but couldn’t impress.

Rahul Ravindran chose to not promote the movie as he was conscious of the result. He, who’s affected by constant flops goes to taste disappointment once more. The film almost fails in every aspect. The film offers the boredom of the audience. The bad performances from the actors

No wonder, it took four years to release after the launch. After all, that they had to bring everything mindless under one umbrella. it’s tons of diligence.

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Karthik (Rahul Ravindran) may be a chief engineer in L&T performing on the Metro Rail project accidentally meets Bhagyalakshmi (Reshmi Menon), who is naive to an extent that she thinks women taking alcohol is sacrilege and beats herself up for inadvertently having it. Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download Yes, it’s 2018. Please save your anguish and laughter for the upcoming part.

She is head over heels in love with Karthik that she picks up a laptop bag that he threw within the dustbin, kisses and embraces it and takes it everywhere she goes.

Please don’t call this gross before hearing what quiet comedy the movie had. The boss of Bhagya, Prathiba, owner of Prathiba builder pees and farts whenever he’s scared. he’s wanting to bag a project with Metro Rail. He seeks the assistance of Karthik and says he will return the favour by giving him the pleasure of getting fun with a couple of call girls. When Karthik slaps him, he pees and farts in his pant. that’s not it. He waits near the toilet assuming someone is already in there. Suddenly a person walks in and opens the toilet door. the instant he realises that there was nobody in there, he makes a weird expression, farts loudly and a gif of a volcano erupting is shown. That was supposedly humour. I consoled my brain from committing suicide post this scene.

Movie Cast

Obviously, the villain within the movie is Karthik’s ex-girlfriend who influences Bhagya’s mind that Karthik may be gay and is on the brink of a person called Ali. Bhagya’s naivete involves fore again when she Hyderabad Love Story Movie Download questions him and asks him if he’s a gentleman or if he likes only men. You see gentlemen are often gay. His character is being judged by his sexual orientation. Yes, you heard me right! this is often what happens when logic is screwed.

Hyderabad Love Story Telugu Movie

Gopal Rao (Rao Ramesh) may be a neurosurgeon who treats accident cases and does everything a general physician does. What an all-rounder. Rao Ramesh tells Bhagya about the greatness of Karthik who wears dhoti and kumkum while donating blood to an ailing Muslim and Islamic skullcap while donating blood to Hindu patients to bridge the communal gap. He keeps donating blood every other day. rather than popcorn, invite a saridon.

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