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Guvva Gorinka

Guvva Gorinka Movie Download

Guvva Gorinka Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Sadanand (Satyadev) may be a Ph.D. student who may be averse to loud noises and his neighbor Sireesha (Priya Lal) is a wannabe musician who takes her craft seriously. How do such differing individuals fall crazy without even meeting each other? The concept of falling crazy without meeting one another isn’t new Tollywood but the writing of this film is what lets it down.

Sadanand (Satyadev) may be a Ph.D. student who is averse to loud noises so his aim is to create an engine that doesn’t emit any. Sireesha (Priya Lal) may be a musician who aims big within the music industry and convinces her father to let her move to Hyderabad to hitch a music course. All seems well till there are unnecessary scenes of Sireesha using her music to irritate Sadanand and once they both fight it out, you only know they’re getting to fall crazy soon. Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna try their best to entertain but they hardly manage to elicit a smile during this lifeless romance.

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Movie Review / Story

When predictably issues happen between the titular Guvva and Gorinka, it’s hard to not sigh as even that drama feels outdated. While his screen time is a smaller amount, it’s hard to not tease his antics. Guvva Gorinka Movie Download And it’s no spoiler to reveal that the film ends on a cheerful note because, of course, they manage to sort it all out. What’s funny is how through the years, filmmakers have gotten won’t to the trope of showing basic compatibility and communication issues during a relationship as something herculean. Satyadev performs well, as always, but if only he picked better scripts.

Guvva Gorinka Movie Download

Sadanand(Satyadev) may be an engineer who wants to create a soundless vehicle. On the opposite hand, Siresha(Priya Lal) may be a musician who involves Hyderabad to try her Masters’s. They sleep in adjoining flats and somehow encounter one another by talking from their homes. They don’t see one another but keep talking for an extended time. This casual conversation develops into friendship and eventually, they fall crazy. What happened to them within the course of your time forms the story of the film.

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In form, Satyadev looks good during this film. Though his role looks a touch silly to seem at, the talented hero makes things watchable together with his sincere performance. His dialogue delivery and a few conversations with the heroine Priya are good. Satyadev was good within the climax of a part of the film. Her role is nicely designed and provides Priya an honest scope to perform. Priyadarshi evokes few laughs in his role.

Guvva Gorinka Movie

One of the most important drawbacks of the film is that the novelty factor is missing within the film. For on the brink of one hour absolutely nothing happens within the film. The conflict point isn’t in the least brought into the proceedings until the primary half which tests your patience completely. most characters lecture one another through their closed walls in today’s time also looks silly.

Once the romance starts, there also are no strong points for every other to fall crazy. Guvva Gorinka Movie Download Things happen only for the sake of it. aside from this, the varied comedy tracks within the film are way too irritating. Rahul Ramakrishna and his garage comedy may be a big obstacle to the film.

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Things happen only within the last ten minutes but by then, you’re exhausted and lose interest. The film also defies logic in many areas. The subplots of a live-in couple also bore you. The writing is water-thin and not one emotion works making you think that why are the people aren’t meeting one another ever after they need no restrictions in life.

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Music by Suresh Bobbili is decent and therefore the BGM composed for scenes within the last half is impressive. The art direction needs a special mention because the found out looks good. Dialogues are neat then were the lyrics. albeit the film is under two hours, editing is pathetic as many scenes could are chopped off.

Coming to Mohan Bammidi, he has done a reasonably disappointing job with the film. Firstly, his story is routine and also silly. His intention behind love and the way the most lead fall for every other regardless of Guvva Gorinka Movie Download of their background is sweet. But his execution defies looks silly. He doesn’t have anything to try to do within the first one hour and when he starts making sense, the film is over. The emotions between the lead pair are completely missing because the story idea is of the ’80s.

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