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Girlz Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Pagalworld When a sheltered girl embarks on a solo trip to Goa, she is exposed to the great, bad and ugly of the planet. Filmmaker Vishal Sakharam Devrukhkar’s film Girlz rightly brings forth the essence of the topic. Although similar films are made in Bollywood and Hollywood, this one is full of masala, a high dose of entertainment, quirky songs and dialogues, with some heroic moments, too.

The film begins with college-goer Mati Desai (Ankita Lande) from Kolhapur living under strict Girlz Marathi Movie Download rules imposed by her parents. Mati has no option but to obey her parents, especially her conservative and, at times, overbearing mother (Devika Daftardar).

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Movie Review / Story

In Goa, she meets Rumi (Anvita Phaltankar) and Maggi (Ketaki Narayan) at a little family accommodation. There starts a journey of self-discovery and adventure.

Girlz Marathi Movie Download

The filmmaker has beautifully captured the finer nuances of the story through Mati’s experiences, be it wearing a bikini or breaking down when her mom constantly calls her in Goa. The film captures such small Girlz Marathi Movie Download moments of an innocent girl’s journey of discovering life. While Girlz showcases the journey of three of its protagonists, it starts to urge stretchy post the interval. a number of the scenes of Maggi’s struggle are unnecessarily lengthy. As far because the performances go, Ankita Lande, Ketaki Narayan and Anvita Phaltankar captivate the audience with their performances. Ankita does an incredible job within the role of an unassuming Mati. Overall, the film is an entertainer.

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Girlz is a follow from Boyz and Boyz 2 directed by the filmmaker Vishal Sakharam Devrukhkar. The series has been proven a highly successful box office performer so far. Defying any quiet analysis or criticism, the series has connected on to the audience, attracted by the trailers that suggested bolder themes, and adult humour. I haven’t seen the sooner instalments, but this one may be a better film than what the trailers promise. That Girlz Marathi Movie Download doesn’t mean it’s freed from any problems, but it isn’t a frivolous film. The central idea isn’t new, but reasonable, and tons of the young audience could also be ready to identify with it.

Girlz Marathi Movie

Mati (Lande) is that the main protagonist. Her mother (Daftardar) is extremely strict, and Mati has got to face all types of restrictions, from her clothes to her social media presence. Mati makes a couple of friends at her new college, and emboldened by their support, decides to travel on a solo trip to Goa. Once there, she develops a friendship with Maggi (Narayan), who features a devil may care attitude, and therefore the plump, happy go lucky Rumi (Phaltankar). That’s the start of a replacement life for Mati.

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Movie Songs

The film discusses some interesting points, like what it means to be independent, the responsibilities that accompany liberty, the expectations of oldsters from a woman child, and a woman’s place Girlz Marathi Movie Download in today’s world. However, as far because the actual story cares, there are many issues. The film begins with Mati’s move to Kolhapur, and an elaborate found out that takes up tons of your time. Soon after, Mati takes her Goa trip, where the bulk of the action happens.

She could have taken this trip from anywhere, and didn’t need her family to relocate, the admission at the new college etc. it’s nothing to try to do with the particular story. We are never really sure what percentage days the women sleep in Goa, what work or study they are doing individually, or how they manage their finances. they’re clearly not very rich, and every Girlz Marathi Movie Download one are answerable to someone. So how do they manage to remain during a hotel without anyone checking abreast of them?

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Even if we plan to ignore the small print, we still have the ultimate hurdle. The film is regressive in its message while trying its best to sound modern. While talking about freedom and individuality, it finishes up supporting the normal ideology of ‘parents know best, which the youth should take advice from the sooner generation. this is often a significant contradiction with the central theme, which makes the climax preachy and redundant.

Despite this, the film is fairly enjoyable if you’re not trying to find deeper meaning. The three actresses, Ankita Lande, Ketaki Narayan and Anvita Phaltankar are promising, which helps. Parth Bhalerao features a small role, which he performs exactly like every other role he has done thus far. He seriously must believe the films he takes on and therefore the characters he portrays.

Girlz is perhaps critic-proof, within the sense, it’ll attract an identical crowd the previous Girlz Marathi Movie Download instalments have attracted regardless of what the reviews say, which is ok. a movie with a touch more thought would have given them more value for his or her money. Devika Daftardar, who has played quality roles in many meaningful films, has played the role of the mother of ‘Mati’ i.e. Ankita Lande.

Movie Star Cast

The mother of a bourgeoisie Maharashtrian family pays the maximum amount of attention to her daughters, their way of life, where they are going, what they are doing, who their friends are, even as mother Devika has done. a bit like a mother imposes restrictions on her teenage daughter, this mother is additionally imposing restrictions on ‘Mati’, preventing her from doing many things. Of course, behind all this is often her care and love. This mother-daughter relationship also will be seen during this film. So this mother will feel inside you. Devika Daftardar says, Why watch this movie.

Girlz Movie

So you’ll easily connect this movie with your life. While watching this movie, young girls will find themselves in these three ‘girls’, while each of the oldsters of these three girls will find themselves. regardless of what percentage restrictions parents placed on their children’s freedom, they always stand firmly behind their children once they get in trouble. this may definitely come to mind when watching ‘Girls’. it’s a movie that positively changes the way parents and youngsters believe one another. Therefore, every child should watch this film with their parents. it’s a movie that positively changes the way parents and youngsters believe one another. Therefore, every child should watch this film with their parents. it’s a movie that positively changes the way parents and youngsters believe one another. Therefore, every child should watch this film with their parents.

The film stars Ankita Lande, Ketli Narayan, Anvita Phaltankar, Partha Bhalerao, Devika Daftardar, Atul Kale, Amol Deshmukh, Sulbha Arya and Kishori Ambiye within the lead roles. Swanand Kirkire has played a little but important role during this film. Presented by Everest Entertainment and Kyara Kumar Girlz Marathi Movie Download Creations, the film ‘Girls’ produced by Kyara Kumar Creations is produced by Naren Kumar. Amit Bhanushali is that the co-producer. The film is written by Hrishikesh Koli.

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