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Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download

Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Torrent The pressure of not having a girlfriend or not being in a relationship is sort of tons on today’s youngsters, be it from friends, colleagues and therefore the society or from themselves.

The urge to declare your relationship status on social media has only added to the present pressure and lots of times, youngsters resort to telling lies about their relationships. Girlfriend is that the story of 1 such Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download boy. Nachiket (Amey Wagh), during a bid to form the planet believe that he’s not single, creates a fake social media profile of a woman named Alisha and announces to the world that she is his girlfriend.

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The problem arises when Alisha aka Payal (Sai Tamhankar) actually comes ahead of him. the topic isn’t new, but the way Girlfriend has been written and executed, bringing out the individuality of affection for everybody is where this film strikes gold. Definitions of affection are different for everybody, but the sensation of falling in true love is what comes out beautifully through this film.

Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download

The audience lives Nachiket’s life- his honesty, fickle-mindedness, low confidence and therefore the courage he gathers to beat his problems. On Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download this front, Amey excels. His co-star, Sai, is equally brilliant. Both have done justice to their parts, as have the supporting actors.

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It’s difficult to form a relevant romance today. Being a widely explored genre, and also one which will never get old, there’s really a scarcity of fresh Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download romantic stories, but Girlfriend stands out because of its layered and substantial story. it’s an excellent example of teamwork with hardly any aspect going astray.

Girlfriend Marathi Movie

Basically, it is the story of Nachiket (Wagh), a loser who hasn’t been ready to find any romance in his life. Now, together with his friends getting married Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download and having kids, his family is worried about Nachiket. This single failure of his is about to ruin his personal also as business life unless he does something about it.

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Using photographs of a Payal Mehta (Tamhankar), Nachiket opens a fraudulent Facebook account within the name of Alisha. He never expects Payal to suddenly happen and threaten his story and his only chance of leading a traditional life, but in fact, she does.

Girlfriend may be a carefully structured film. It starts at a slow pace and gradually builds momentum. the whole set-up happens over the course of one day, February 14th, which also happens to be Nachiket’s birthday. The film establishes his problems, his frustration, his nature, and builds up the pressure which will ultimately push him over the sting. some may find this portion repetitive or slow, but it is necessary for the portrayal of Nachiket as a good-natured and largely innocent, kind-hearted hero.

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who is driven to try to do something unacceptable? Sympathy for Nachiket is completely necessary if we’ve to shop for into the premises. Things get cracking quickly when he announces his relationship status to the planet, and therefore the twist at intermission takes things to a subsequent level.

But it also draws our attention to the deceptive nature of today’s society. The triumph of social acceptance over inherent nature, of the advertising over the reality, of the, favoured over the private Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download double standards becoming the norm of the day, and our failure to recognise the real over the superficial. The social critique is well concealed and becomes a part of the subtext without delivering a clear message.

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Upendra Sidhaye excels in his directorial debut. The film is appealing in terms of its content also as its production values. The director is well versed in his Hollywood references (From Taxi Driver to The Dark Knight, there are many), and therefore the film works well as an up to date romance. It jogs my memory of films like Ruby Sparks, or Lars and therefore the Real Girl, but ultimately, this is often not an adaptation. Girlfriend stands on its own. Amey Wagh and Sai Tamhankar as Nachiket and Payal/Alisha is an unusual casting choice, but one that works surprisingly well. Sai Tamhankar has almost reinvented her image here, and despite the considerably less screen time she has, gives a memorable performance.

Girlfriend Movie

Nachiket Pradhan (Amey Wagh), the protagonist of Girlfriend, is somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties. He lives together with his parents and a younger brother. within the contemporary Marathi family, being ‘that old’ comes with its share of social pressure to possess been married to possibly having had Girlfriend Marathi Movie Download kids of their own. But, the miserable Nachu (what his parents call him) hasn’t been during a relationship due to many reasons from self-pity to absent-mindedness.

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