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FIR Tamil Movie Download Telegram Link FIR Full Movie Download Filmyzilla, Telugu, Filmywap, Filmymeet, Mp4moviez HD Watch Online [480p, 720p, 1080p] Irfan Ahmed (Vishnu Vishal) is living a peaceful life with his mother, a police officer. He works as a chemical engineer in a lab. Meanwhile, the NIA is on the hunt for Abu Bakar Abdullah, the most wanted terrorist, with Ajay Diwan (Gautam Vasudev Menon) as a national security adviser. The team gets a tip about the criminal and thinks Irfan is a terrorist. After participating in a major bombing, they arrested Irfan and began an investigation. Is Irfan the most wanted terrorist? What happened next? You have to watch the FIR on the big screen to know everything.

It is rare to see a Muslim hero in a Tamil film. And director Manu Anand’s FIR is one of those rare films. This is a good thing. But, if good films can only be made with good intentions, bad films will be rare. The main theme of this spy thriller starring Vishnu Vishal is widespread Islamophobia.

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Movie Review / Story

It is a shame that popular artists have repeatedly reminded people that Muslims are terrorists but not all Muslims are terrorists. My name is Khan, directed by Karan Johar, was surprisingly sarcastic to address this universal truth. In the film, Shahrukh Khan’s Rizwan, who is battling in the wake of the Twin Towers attack in New York, sets out to tell the world that his last name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. And almost 12 years later, we have FIRs that send the same message without any subtlety or informative thinking.

Like Vishwaroopam, FIR is a thriller set against the backdrop of terrorism which seeks to show how wrong it is to blame the whole people for the heinous acts committed by some people in a community. Its protagonist Irfan Ahmed (Vishnu Vishal, who is committed to the character and gives us a solid performance) is a chemical engineer at IIT-Madras who gets frustrated during the interview that his religion is a matter of concern. He seems to be living a peaceful life with his mother (Mala Parvati), an inferior policewoman.

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FIR Tamil Movie Detail

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Movie Name: FIR (2022)
Movie Director: Manu Anand
Lead Star cast: Vishnu Vishal, Gautham Vasudev Menon, Manjima Mohan
Movie Producers: Aryan Ramesh, Shubhra
Movie IMDB Rating: 6.9/10
Movie Budget: 20 Crore INR (Approx)
Streaming partner: Youtube
Production company: VV Studioz
Movie Certificate: UA
Movie Language: Tamil
Movie Release Date: February 11, 2022
Movie Genre: Action, Thriller
Official Sites Youtube, Zee5
Movie Duration: 2:36
Movie Size: 331MB, 948MB & 1.5GB
Movie Format: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV
Movie Quality: 720p, 1080p, 1440p (estimated)

Meanwhile, the National Intelligence Agency received a tip that Abu Bakr Abdullah, the most wanted terrorist on their list, is in Chennai and is planning attacks in Colombo and India. National Security Advisor Ajay Diwan (Gautam Vasudev Menon, in a role that requires more of his screen presence and height) forms a team to search for him. His surveillance of Zazi Manzul (Aman), a Muslim cleric, puts Irfan on their radar. Circumstances force them to decide that Irfan is none other than Abu Bakr and they take him into custody. No one is ready to believe that he is innocent, can Irfan clear his name? What will happen to Abu Bakr’s plot?

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An impressive, fast-paced thriller, FIR hits all the right tips in its first half, director Manu Anand cleverly cuts between scenes in Irrfan’s life and the NIA investigation. We get some memorable supporting characters, such as Prarthana (Manjima Mohan, Influence), a criminal lawyer who is Irfan’s girlfriend, Anisha Qureshi (Raiza Wilson, Influential), and a silly NIA officer and Gunashekhar (Praveen Muthurangan), one less. -The officer of the order gets a big break in the case.

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To make his story come true, the director has cleverly plotted real-life terrorist attacks, especially the Easter Sunday Colombo bombings. How Irfan becomes suspicious is also well exposed. We see how stereotyping plays a major role in this process. At one point, a character tells Irfan that he was noticed because of his name and you realize that it is true. The romantic track between Irrfan and Archana (Reba Monica John, a surprise) is no different and cute.

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If the first half goes away early, the second half will feel rushed. The film, which until then seemed largely rooted in reality, suddenly goes into over-the-top territory with scenes that make you question their practicality. There’s also Mother Spirit, which feels completely different from the rest of the movie (like the hacker scenes portrayed by Prashant). We get a twist that explains some of Irfan’s actions, but it also presents a different kind of question. As a result, the climax with the colours of The Family Man and Vishwaroopam doesn’t look as good as it should.

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