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Fatteshikast Full Movie Download

Fatteshikast Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Torrent A stealth attack on the heavily guarded Lal Mahal was not only a brave example of guerrilla warfare but a strong political statement as well, considering Pune was occupied by the Mughal forces then. Digpal Lanjekar’s Fatteshikast is based on this very incident from Maratha history.

While this ‘first surgical strike of India’ (as the makers are referring to it), makes for the crux of the story, the director also establishes a strong base Fatteshikast Full Movie Download by delving into how the tactical operation was prepared for and carried out. Right from Shivaji Maharaj’s near capture at Panhalgad to this attack is a reply to it, Lanjekar takes his time to unfold the events that are of significance and can’t be ignored when making a film on this scale. The corresponding developments, the scenario of that time, etc is paid attention to as well.

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Movie Review / Story

More importantly, a film about Maratha history would be incomplete without the prominent Fatteshikast Full Movie Download characters that shaped it. In the film, these characters make their presence felt as well. Shivaji Maharaj (Chinmay Mandlekar), Jijau (Mrinal Kulkarni), Bahirji Naik (Harish Dudhade), Tanaji Malusare (Ajay Purkar), Yesaji Kank (Ankit Mohan), Chimnaji Deshpande (Vikram Gaikwad), Koyaji Bandal (Akshay Waghmare).

Fatteshikast Full Movie Download

The first half introduces us to the characters and the preparation and is comparatively slow-paced. The second half, however, picks up the pace and Fatteshikast Full Movie Download consists of the main incident. The execution of the attack on the screen is well-choreographed and the actors show great skill in handling weapons. The whole scene has been shot in a way that it comes as close to reality as possible.

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In such a mission, the role of a spy is of utmost importance. But it involves a huge Fatteshikast Full Movie Download risk as well. Yesaji Kank played that role for Shivaji Maharaj. While the build-up is good, things for him fall in a place far too easily in the film. It would have been better if the makers had stressed the level of danger involved in this job.

Fatteshikast Full Movie

Considering Fatteshikast is a historical film, the costumes and art direction have to be on point and special attention is paid to that here. Having said that, Lanjekar has taken precautions not to portray history Fatteshikast Full Movie Download or the characters wrongly. The execution is such that the audience is transported to that era and that’s where the film scores, turning into a good watch this weekend.

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Even if we just take the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, everyone gets a thrill no matter what age he is. Shivaji Maharaj’s strategy for Swarajya, Fatteshikast Full Movie Download his diplomacy, his immense bravery, the bloodshed by his brave Maratha Mavals for the sake of Swarajya are all on everyone’s lips.

The method of guerrilla poetry introduced by Shivaji Maharaj while constructing the pylon of Swarajya is a sculptural example of an ideal war strategy in front of the whole world. On the strength of this guerrilla poetry, Maharaj has won many difficult battles. His most famous style of guerrilla poetry was his entry into the red palace of Shaistekhana in Pune and annihilating Khan. Based on thisFatehshikast Digpal Lanjekar has brought this movie in front of the audience and it has been a success to a large extent.

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Digpal’s Farzand was released last year. A story of Shivaraya and his brave Mavals was told in it.FatehshikastThere is no problem in saying that this is the next part of Farzand. While constructing the pylon of Swarajya, Maharaj (Chinmay Mandlekar) There were many difficulties to be faced at that time. Maharaj at Panhalgad and Jijau (Mrinal Kulkarni) And while the other family was at Rajgadha, the Shaistekhana had raided Dhudgus in and around Pune.

Shaistekhana had started burning the houses of poor farmers in the surrounding villages and harassing them. Shaistekhan was plotting to reduce the position of Shivaji Maharaj by capturing Rajgad. A different plan was needed to answer his challenge. Because Khan’s army was huge. However, the legend that Chatur Maharaj, on the strength of his guerrilla poetry, managed to penetrate directly into the enemy’s group and expose Khan, is Fatteshikast.

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It is risky to build a Shiva period, to study it properly, and to build it on it with the right opinions and thoughts of historians. However, director Digpal Lanjekar, like Farzand, described the incident in Fatehshikast. The best character selection, the time raised, the meticulous thought of each persona is also seen in this movie. The filming of real forts in Fatehshikast has also made a big difference. Not only Mavale and Shivaji Maharaj but also the lifestyle of Mughals, their personality, their speech and behaviour have been studied very well in this movie. For this, Digpal Lanjekar has one of the best marks.

Fatteshikast Movie

There is a whole army of actors in this movie. Chinmay Mandlekar And Mrinal KulkarniLike Farzand, he has done amazing work in the role of Maharaj and Jijau in Fatehshikast. Harish Dudhade (Barhiji Naik), Ajay Purkar (Tanaji Malusare), Ankit Mohan (Yesaji Kank), Vikram Gaikwad (Chimanaji Deshpande), Mrinmayi Deshpande (Keshar), Astad Kale (Kartalab Khan), Ramesh Pardeshi (Amarsingh), Tripti Thoradmal ( Raibaghan) has also painted his own role.

Anup Soni in the role of Shahistekhana and Fatteshikast Full Movie Download Sameer Dharmadhikari in the role of Namdar Khan is especially noteworthy. To witness the historical events of Shivaraya and his brave Mavals, it is okay to watch this movie at least once.

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