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Faactory Full Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p

Faactory Full Movie Download

Faactory Full Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Faactory begins with a bizarre chase by a person wearing a hoodie who follows Natasha around sort of a shadow. But, before audiences could wrap their heads around what is going on on within the movie, she’s kidnapped by an equivalent unidentified man. The plot progresses through flashbacks of Natasha and Yash’s past encounters until Natasha realises that Yash is that the perpetrator of the kidnapping.

Natasha only respects Yash because he was her mentor, but Yash had a crush on her. However, he never got an opportunity to precise his feelings for her. With the passage of your time, Yash’s obsession with Natasha grows and he’s willing to shed some blood and kill a couple of people to win her love, which makes him creepy as hell.

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Movie Review / Story

Faissal Khan’s directorial debut offers a daunting romance of a person who believes that everything is fair crazy and war. But, the main target of this 95-minutes drama is solely on Yash’s attempts to precise his love for Natasha and Natasha’s desire to flee from his captivity. The screenplay is quite limited and progresses at a sluggish pace by focusing solely on Yash and Natasha’s conversations.

Faactory Full Movie

Surely, the way the protagonist follows his love interest around, taking pictures of her and sticking them on walls, will undoubtedly remind viewers of Bollywood classics of an equivalent genre like Darr (1993), Anjaam (1994) et al. . This, however, is neither a gripping thriller nor a romantic tale worth watching. The background score by Shekhar Singh doesn’t add much to the general impact of the drama.

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Almost 20 years later, Faissal Khan who previously featured alongside his brother Aamir Khan in ‘Mela’ (2000), makes a comeback with this film. He did an honest job as Yash in instilling suspense and adding reminder grey to the film, but with a stodgy script in hand, he falls in need of making this one a pleasant watch. With the song ‘Ishq Tera,’ this multi-tasking man has also become a vocalist, but it is not an excellent choice. Yash is usually seen expressing his love by singing classic melodies like ‘Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna Ye Hum Nahi Jante,’ ‘Hum Toh Tere Aashiq Hain Sadiyon Purane,’ et al., which are more hummable than the film’s original music. However, these songs are so overplayed that simply hearing them spoils the mood.

Faactory Movie

Roaleey Ryan, who made her acting debut opposite Faissal, did an honest job too, albeit she still has got to work on her acting skills. the remainder of the cast, including Raj Kumar Kanojya, Ribbhu Mehra and Sharad Singh, have limited roles to play because the story revolves primarily around the leads.

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Overall, ‘Faactory’ narrates an equivalent old story of a young man’s obsession with a woman he wants by hook or by crook. But from the way this tale’s shaped up to the way the manufacturers have executed it on screen, we might say that this factory tour isn’t worth some time.

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Faactory Full Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p - My Movies
Faactory Full Movie Download

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