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Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p

Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download

Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Kalyranram and Mehreen Pirzada starrer Entha Manchivaadavuraa, the Telugu remake of Gujarati film Oxygen, is so sweet in its intentions it causes you to wonder if someone wrote the script or drenched it in syrup.

The hero may be a do-gooder of the very best order, the heroine is that the epitome of compassion and love, the circumstances around them have a sweet message, and within the end, what we get is that the cinematic equivalent of a poothareku.

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Movie Review / Story

which is that the problem with the film too. In its plan to highlight what we are missing in life, and the way people have distanced themselves from Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download their relations and relatives, the film finishes up repeating its core idea, like how a poothareku is formed, numerous times that it turns into a test of patience.

Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download

The story follows the lifetime of Balu (Kalyranram), whose relatives abandon him after his parents lose their lives during a car accident. His only dream in life is to be together with his relatives, and he believes his father’s advice, whatever you give will come to you, will come true at some point. So when he grows up, Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download he continues to try to do good deeds. One day, he encourages his friends to start out a corporation that can fill the void in people’s lives after their loved ones either abandon or ignore them. the corporate specializes in ‘emotional supply,’ and it turns into a moment hit. the remainder of the story is about the people Balu comes across during this journey, and the way his longtime dream finally comes true.

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Satish Vegesna’s earlier films like Sathamanam Bhavati and Srinivasa Kalyanam addressed the need to uphold traditional values and family bonding within the age where families have pulled apart due to Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download their materialistic approach. As beautiful as this might sound, the film falls apart, largely due to its lackluster storytelling.

Ekanthavela Telugu Movie

In his plan to highlight how isolated people became from their families, Satish Vegesna doesn’t offer much, be it the dramatic set pieces or the characterization of the protagonists, to root for. the whole film is sort of a string of short stories, which are all bound by an equivalent character who achieves an equivalent end in all of them.

To its credit, the sole sequence where the film quite comes alive is when another elderly man (Thanikella Bharani) confronts Balu about the results of his deeds. However, the emotional weight of this sequence doesn’t stick with you long enough because by the time the 2 characters reconcile their relationship, we are back to face one, and Balu repeats the method, once more, with another person whom he meets. for somebody who craves a robust emotional bonding together with his relatives, it’s a 1,000,000 dollar question why we are never shown if Balu ever tried to contact them. Ekanthavela Telugu Movie Download But then, Satish Vegesna is more interested to delve into Balu’s present, and the way he turns into a saint-like figure within the lives of many people.

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The most relatable character within the film is, perhaps, the one played by Vennela Kishore. he’s amused watching the interplay between the characters, especially that of Kalyanram and Mehreen. So his amusement turns into frustration when he observes the bonding shared by the entire family. He takes it all out on a young boy twiddling with a ball. that’s also the funniest moment within the film because, like us, even he understands how frustrating watching this drama is.

A significant part of the film is shot in Kerala, and therefore the lush green fields of Konaseema. As soothing because it is to ascertain such a lot of greenery on screen, there’s another thing one shouldn’t forget: eating too many pootharekulu causes you to want to offer abreast of sweets for an extended time.

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