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Duniyadari Marathi Movie Download Leaked

Duniyadari Marathi Full Movie Download Leaked on Torrent Sites Friendship doesn’t see the ways of the planet and nor does it follow any set rules. It follows the guts and Duniyadari is all about the journey of the guts – which may be arduous, but nearly always fulfilling.

Duniyadari Marathi Full Movie

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Set against the backdrop of the late 70s, director Sanjay Jadhav introduces us to his lead characters during a Pune college campus. Digya, (Ankush Chaudhary) and Shreyas (Swapnil Joshi) are as separate as chalk and cheese and quite naturally begin as enemies.

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While Digya may be a temperamental college rowdy, Shreyas is that the well behaved, calm student. However, one event sees them become the thickest Duniyadari Marathi Full Movie Download of pals and that they are a part of a bigger gang, which rules the campus. Their katta (a bench) near a tea stall is their adda, and this is often where they discuss life, love and scores to be settled. this is often where they realise that yaari is more important than duniyadari.

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While the seeds of this friendship are blossoming beautifully, two beautiful girls enter their lives. Shireen (Sai Tamhankar) may be a medico , who Shreyas loves and Meenu (Urmila Kanetkar) is another student crazy with Shreyas. As various twists and turns within the plot finally sees true love prevail, what Duniyadari also shows is that friends are for all times and that they are going to be there with you thru thick and thin.

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As an entire Sanjay Jadhav manages to tug off this friendship film with ease. Confusion, pathos, sacrifice and therefore the mystery crazy too are portrayed well and have interaction the audience for many of the time. However, if the amount of twists were reduced, the film would be taut and more gripping.

But, making up for these little deficiencies is that the peppy music and acting by all the celebs . While Swapnil looks and act the lovable part to the T, Ankush Chaudhary holds his own aura and features a screen presence that’s truly riveting. While Sai and Urmila shine, it’s to be said that within the current crop of actors, when it involves sporting the sad, betrayed look Sai wins handily.

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