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Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download

Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Anand tries to try tons to mask the very fact that Disco Raja, when stripped right down to the bare minimum, is nothing but an honest ol gangster drama.

He begins the story with a huge dose of melodrama to form you think that this may be a heart-wrenching film. Then he shifts gears to Sci-Fi to form you think that he has finally gotten to the purpose. There also are two love stories thrown certain good measure before the film gets right down to the nitty-gritty, the gangster drama it aims to inform.

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Movie Review / Story

But by then, you’re beyond trying to know what he’s trying to try to to. Sure, when considered, Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download the film falls under the cross genre category but what happens when none of the genres he touches upon manage to work. Disco Raja is what happens.

Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download

Vasu (Ravi Teja) features a massive family made from orphans who have found support in one another. Them and his girlfriend Nabha (Nabha Natesh) are asked to offer abreast of hoping for his return, but they continue to be optimistic even in melodramatically Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download trying times. a gaggle of scientists from Relive Biolab hit gold once they find a frozen body in Ladakh and therefore the boss, Dr Sharma (Shishir), decides to show him into his lab rat. The aim is to pioneer in beating death and Parineeti (Tanya Hope) is an unwilling participant.

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Then there’s the gangster Burma Sethu (Bobby Simha) who suffers from PTSD and his biggest Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download rival remains Disco Raja (Ravi Teja). A hired killer (Naresh) is hot on the heels of Vasu, sent by an unknown man. And when of these storylines connect, what you get is one hot mess.

Disco Raja Telugu Movie

Disco Raja gets into the thick of things right off the bat, which is sweet. But the way Vi Anand meanders, taking his own sweet time unravelling each tale as if it’s the foremost important thing within the film, begins to urge on your nerves after a short time. Despite all the detailing he gives out, he never really spends enough Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download time to stay us invested within the characters at hand. The ‘twists’ remain predictable during the film and it’s only at the top that he manages to surprise you. But by then it’s too late. But there is a scene involving chicken biryani, Disco Raja and Burma Sethu that’s achieved well.

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A lot of actors during this film remain wasted, be it Nabha Natesh, Bobby Simha, Naresh or Satya. Nabha Natesh’s character can’t be called anything quite a supporting role as she’s hardly even present within the Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download film. Bobby Simha, Naresh or Satya never really get an opportunity to require off with their characters. Tanya Hope gets an honest enough role and she or he delivers so do Payal Rajput and Vennela Kishore. At some point and in certain scenes, you are feeling even Ravi Teja remains underutilised. But he manages to hold the film on his shoulders, giving it his all, despite the shoddy material he’s offered. He’s a delight to observe on-screen and regardless of what, that’ll never change.

The surprise package of this film however is Sunil. The actor delivers a knock out performance as Uttara Kumar and you’ll just need to watch the film to believe it. Clearly, the actor is massively underutilised in most other films and he just relishes the role, playing it with a sort of glee that’s hard to return by. Sunil proves his versatility during this one. Karthik Ghattamaneni’s cinematography is gorgeous too, so is Thaman S’ BGM, albeit his music fails to impress. Even a song by Disco King Bappi Lahiri cannot make things work. Abburi Ravi’s dialogues are ok, especially the catch lines that inject some meaningless fun.

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Disco Raja may be an assortment that’s disappointed by Vi Anand’s writing. Despite picking a stimulating aspect to base his tale on, he falls down the rabbit burrow of delivering ‘entertainment’ during a routine manner. The build-up to any of those tales is certainly not well worth the landing they get. The film may be a Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download waste of talent, but it’s Ravi Teja and Sunil that make it worth a watch. The film starts off by showcasing a search team that brings a dead man (Ravi Raja) alive. he’s none aside from Disco Raj who features a dreaded past featuring Sethu (Bobby Simha). the remainder of the story is on how Disco Raja sets things right and where do Payal Rajput and Nabha Natesh feature during this setup.

Ravi Teja is that the biggest highlight of the film as his performance in two different shades is sweet. He especially nails it within the retro look as his mannerisms, dialogue modulation, and visual communication are stylish. Tanya Hope because the scientist is pretty good. Payal Rajput looks beautiful within the retro getup and shares good chemistry with Ravi Teja. Sunil is that the surprise package as his performance is pretty impressive within the end. Vennela Kishore gets a lengthy role and he’s the one who keeps the proceedings lively most of the time. The film has amazing special effects as Karthick Gahttamaneni does an excellent job in showcasing the film in both the past and times zones. The film starts on a powerful note and creates an honest curiosity factor making things look novel. Last but not the smallest amount, Bobby Simha is another highlight as his negative role is sweet.

When you choose scientific dramas with a dose of action, the screenplay must be razor-sharp but that’s not the case in Disco Raja. Director Anand involves the particular plot only during the interval. His narration is extremely slow in most areas and this is often where the film falters. an excessive amount of time is taken within the flashback because the romance comes as a deviation. The conflict point between the villain and hero Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download isn’t in the least impressive. Though the twist within the climax is sweet, things could have also been managed without that twist. The last half goes down as many logics choose a toss. The film just keeps rolling with no motive and creates a dull atmosphere within the proceedings. The emotion between Ravi Teja and his son is missing as things are hurried up. All those that think there’ll be glamour featuring Nabha Natesh and Payal, they’re going to be disappointed because the heroines are hardly utilized in the film. Nabha, especially, has only two or three scenes and a song.

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As said above, the special effects are astonishing. The film reaches another level with Thaman’s solid BGM which is top-notch. The songs also are superb but they need not been placed and shot well. The lyrics are excellent than are the dialogues. Production values are superb as every penny spent is shown on screen lavishly. The set work showcasing the bygone era is amazing. Ravi Teja has been styled well.

Disco Raja Movie

Coming to the director Anand, he didn’t make use of the great concept. He has worked mainly on the hero’s character and starts the film well but from there, things become slow and dull. There aren’t Disco Raja Telugu Movie Download many thumping episodes and therefore the flashback is additionally slow-paced. He should have edited tons of scenes and are available on to this zone and make things realistic. His idea of getting a twist within the climax also will draw mixed reactions.

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