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Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie Download

Dharala Prabhu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla But little did the latter know that it might land him in trouble post his marriage. Remaking a Hindi movie that addressed a sensitive and innovative subject to Tamil isn’t a simple task.

The plot begins with Kannadasan (Vivekh), a veteran doctor who runs a fertility clinic in Parry’s Corner, checking out a healthy sperm donor for his clients who come up with weird demands. After facing several odds, Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie Download he comes across Prabhu, a carefree youngster whose world revolves around football, mother, and grandmother.

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Movie Review / Story

Kannadasan approaches Prabhu to be a sperm donor and explains the necessity to try to do it, but the latter refuses despite the former’s repeated attempts to convince him. But a private incident that happens in his life prompts him to comply with Kannadasan, after which the doctor sees an enormous rise in his business.

Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie Download

Meanwhile, Prabhu falls crazy with Nidhi (Tanya Hope), and that they plan to get hitched. After initial hiccups due to the various background of the 2 families, the couple gets a nod from their parents. But fate had other plans for Prabhu when he realizes that his relationship with Nidhi is on the verge of collapse due to his frequent sperm donation. Harish Kalyan fits into a task that was effortlessly achieved by Ayushmann Khurrana within the original version. He carries the naïve, boy’s nearby character with ease and strikes stimulating chemistry with all the artists within the film.

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Tanya Hope is decent in her role and gets the proper expressions in scenes that require an impression. But it’s Vivekh who steals the show in many scenes, because of his one-liners and effortless performance. Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie Download His character which has reminder ample comedy and emotion goes in sync with the script. Anupama and Sachu, too, come up with engaging performances.

Selvakumar’s pleasant cinematography provides the specified mood for the film, and is another highlight. a couple of slow-paced scenes within the latter half disturb the flow to some extent. a far better background score and more effort on the emotional scenes would have made the movie an ideal remake.

Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie

Dr. Kannadasan (Vivekh), a fertility specialist, runs a clinic and a depository on the streets of Parry’s Corner. Though he has been treating childless couples for many years successfully, he desperately needs a sperm donor. Kannadasan finds Prabhu Govind in an unlikely situation. Prabhu plays football and lives together with his mother and grandmother. He leads a stress-free life, too. How? He doesn’t have employment.

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Movie Songs

In Kannadasan’s eyes, Prabhu is that this duck that lays golden eggs, and naturally, he doesn’t want to abandon of Prabhu. Kannadasan stalks Prabhu wherever he goes, and eventually, manages to convince him. be careful with those hilarious scenes between Vivekh and therefore the frustrated Harish Kalyan, who doesn’t understand what Vivekh’s character needs from him.

Prabhu becomes a daily sperm donor at Kannadasan’s clinic. But his family doesn’t know a thing, although Prabhu makes tons of cash. Everything goes smooth until Prabhu falls for Nidhi Mandanna (Tanya Hope). Their love track builds organically, unlike modern-day Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie Download romances. They meet on the beach, have conversations, and then, this results in the marriage hall. Though Prabhu and Nidhi belong to different social backgrounds, they marry with the approval of their families. the primary half of the story moves sort of a breeze, but within the last half, it takes a significant turn.

There is enough of a plot here but what keeps Dharala Prabhu going is that the crackling chemistry between Vivekh and Harish Kalyan. Kudos to Krishna Marimuthu for engagingly designing his screenplay with just a couple of characters.

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The underlying theme is this: accept people the way they are, without making an excessive amount of fuss. The writing is fluid during this laughter fest. Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie Download Almost every character leaves an impact. Be it Anupama, Sachu, or RS Shivaji they slip effortlessly into their respective roles. they’re so good that they deserve a separate film of their own. I swear I used to be expecting RS Shivaji to mention, Saar, neenga engeyo poiteenga, at least, in one crucial scene with Vivekh, but alas, that never happened.

I liked the simplicity and clarity with which Krishna Marimuthu executes the story. In many places, it’s endearing. The humour in Tharala Prabhu isn’t exactly smart, but the reality is that tons of it are genuinely funny. The jokes come flying at you from all directions, and it’s hard to not force an entry into laughter once you have a seasoned comedian like Vivekh around. His jokes work well when he doesn’t try too hard.

Harish Kalyan steers Dharala Prabhu Dharala Prabhu Tamil Movie Download together with his boy-next-door looks and confidence. The actor is impressive and establishes his character within the first jiffy. Tanya Hope may be a sheer delight to observe, though she doesn’t emote effortlessly. However, I feel, a less intrusive score would have elevated the film.

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