Degree College Telugu Movie Download Tamilrockers

Degree College

Degree College Telugu Movie

Degree College Telugu Movie Download Tamilrockers may be a romantic thriller movie directed by Narasimha Nandi and produced by Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Cinema banner. The movie cast includes Varun, Sri Divya, Duvvasi Mohan, Jayavani, Srinivas Madan and RK are within the lead roles. Sunil Kashyap scored music.

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Noted director, Narasimha Nandi, who is understood for creating social-oriented films is back with a youthful romantic drama titled, Degree College. The film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it goes.

Degree College Telugu Movie

Movie Cast

  • Varun
  • Sri Divya
  • Duvvasi Mohan
  • Jayavani
  • Srinivas Madan

Degree College Telugu Movie Story

Set within the Telangana backdrop, Shiva(Varun) may be a guy from the lower caste who falls for Parvathi (Divya Rao), a reputed cop’s daughter. As Parvathi’s father is against their love, the couple elopes and obtain married. After tons of effort, Parvathi’s father brings her back home.

what is going to the further proceedings lead to? Will Shiva and Parvathi reunite again? what is going to be the top of this love story? to understand that, you’ve got to catch the film within the theaters.

Degree College

Movie Plus Points

Heroine Divya Rao is that the main highlight as she performed her strong and daring role quite impressively. Not only she looks cute but features a commendable screen presence. Her dialogue delivery and ease in Telangana slang are things to observe out for within the movie.

Hero Varun is decent in his role and features a good voice but he must improve tons acting-wise. a couple of romantic scenes and one intimate song between the lead pair will impress the targetted youth. The person, who acted as heroine’s father is sweet in his negative cop role. All the opposite artists, who acted as hero and heroine’s friends were okay in their given roles.

Movie Minus Points

The biggest minus point of the film is that it’s dead slow and has an overstretched narration. the most point of the film also lacks freshness as we’ve seen an equivalent quite issue addressed in many films recently. The intimate scenes and romantic track between the lead pair are heavily inspired by Arjun Reddy and lack novelty.

After a stimulating opening scene featuring the heroine and hero, everyone expects that the director goes to affect something new. But as an enormous disappointment, the narration falls flat soon after the film shifts to the school backdrop in Warangal. The climax portion is completely illogical and irritates the audience.

Director Narasimha Nandi’s idea of creating a movie on social inequalities is sweet but within the recent past, we’ve seen similar concepts in films like Dorasaani and Dhadak. Leaving the story aside, Narasimha Nandi’s screenplay and narration are painful. rather than handling the story during a regular way, he should have inserted a couple of twits.

Editing work by KV Nagireddy is okay but he could have focused on keeping the runtime within the limit. Cinematography by Muralimohan Reddy is okay to an extent. Music by Sunil Kashyap is sweet because the background score and one montage love song are nice. Production values for this low budget film are okay.

On the entire , Degree College may be a message-oriented social drama that exposes the inequalities in society. Heroine Divya Rao’s acting and a couple of romantic scenes between the lead pair are okay but the slow-paced narration, lengthy runtime and lack of proper narration make the film a tedious and disappointing fare at the box office.

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