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Comali Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers the makers have billed it as a fun and ‘no-brainer’ movie, those sequences end up being harmless on screen. Like most of the Tamil Film heroes, Ravi falls crazy together with his classmate Nikita (Samyuktha Hegde) at the very first sight.

After a couple of days, he gifts her an idol which he considers on the brink of his heart, following which, an event occurs which leads him to the coma stage for a decade and a half. Ravi, who wakes up after these a few years in the 21st century, takes time to cop up with the truth and therefore the slew of changes the planet has been subjected to, during the course of your time.

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Movie Review / Story

Ravi later becomes on the brink of another girl (Kajal Aggarwal), from whom he gets to understand that the idol he gifted to Nikita years ago was an upscale one. How he tries to urge it back, which now belongs to a notorious MLA, forms the remainder of the story. Given the innovative and hilarious plot the movie had, there were a lot of scopes to create interesting scenes throughout the film. But an entertaining half did not have an equally engaging latter half due to some melodramatic scenes.

Comali Movie Download

Though those scenes conveyed a number of the tough reality of today’s times, it becomes a touch preachy to some extent. There are scenes that 90s kids can relate to, staying almost faithful to how the manufacturers had claimed, and a few episodes which involve Ravi’s innocence and ignorance are depicted well. The scenes which glorify objectification to evoke laughter could are avoided.

Kajal’s characterization and Shah Ra’s Comali Movie Download over the highest performance in some scenes should have been addressed in a better way. In a way, debutant director Pradeep Ranganathan’s Comali may be a time travel movie. The director doesn’t use a time travel device to leap from one period to a different one. He simply puts the protagonist in a coma and wakes him up after 16 years.

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Ravi (Jayam Ravi) grew up in the 90s. it had been the time when children preferred getting to open grounds to play as against staying reception hooked to their PlayStations. it had been a time when people preferred face-to-face interactions as against being glued to their mobile screens. it had been a time when people made good memories by attending celebrations. Now, they’re psychologically far away from the instant by their urge to require selfies and share them on Instagram.

Comali Movie

Ravi’s wonderful adolescence is curtailed by an accident that knocks him into a coma at the turn of the century. He involves his senses in 2016. and therefore Comali Movie Download the world has changed drastically. apart from politicians, who keep making an equivalent promise year after year.

Pradeep builds the whole film around Ravi’s struggle to form a sense of the planet that he not understands, recognizes or identifies with. The hero’s ally Mani has also changed with time. He does not cherish the old values that were imparted to him while growing up. he’s now just another techie trying to remain within the routine.

Ravi’s innocence is untouched by rapid urbanization or social decay, because of the coma. he’s still that teenager who can’t understand why a child won’t leave to play lately. it’s like he has time-traveled into the longer term, during which his moral values and social cultures became obsolete.

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Many jokes will leave you in splits, while some will cause you to cringe. If you’re willing to forgive this transgression of the young director, there’s many clean Comali Movie Download humour that you simply can enjoy. Especially, the stretch where Ravi learns the thought of affection within the age of online dating.

The comedy where Mani takes all the credit for Ravi’s joke may be a copy of Key & Peele’s ‘High On Potenuse’ sketch. it’s not the primary time Jayam Ravi is showcasing the moral decay of society thanks to the excessive use of social media. However, his performance during this film may be a bit refreshing thanks to the premise.

Comali is an out-and-out mindless entertainer. But it somehow manages to hit the proper chord on several counts. It deserves to be appreciated for its effort to repose people’s faith within the goodness of citizenry. it’s also kind of reminds us where we come from and therefore the things we’ve lost within the name of progression.

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