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College Kumar Full Dubbed Movie Download Leaked

College Kumar Full Dubbed Movie Download Leaked on Tamilrockers Sasi Kumar’s (Rajendra Prasad) aim in life is to form his son Shiva Kumar (Rahul Vijay) an auditor at any cost. However what happens when he’s challenged to form his own dreams come true.

College Kumar

Movie Review / Story

In 2012, when a ladoo-making-housewife Sakshi is mocked by her family in English Vinglish, she decides to require matters into her own hands and learn the language that everybody mocks her for not knowing.

In Hari Santhosh’s Telugu remake of Santhu’s Kannada film College Kumar, when a father who’s a peon is told by his son that he can not continue living a dream that’s not his own, the daddy to decides to require matters into his own hands. The difference however remains within the incontrovertible fact that the latter film decides to pretend the son is the hero of this tale, once we all know, it’s the daddy.

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College Kumar Full Dubbed Download Leaked By Tamilrockers

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Shiva Kumar (Rahul Vijay) has been mentioned by his parents (Rajendra Prasad, Madhubala) to get older and become an auditor at any cost. Why? Because his father’s childhood friend grew up under better circumstances, became an auditor and without realising the privilege, decides to mistreat and mock him for the position he’s in.

Sasi then decides that his son will never suffer thanks to their economic status and does everything in his power to make sure he gets a better education. And Shiva too tries for a short time, by trying to steal question papers and even change his name, basically doing anything besides study. However, when things involve a head, he challenges his father to review and become an auditor if it’s that easy, vowing to require up the onus of paying his fees. What transpires is one hot mess and completely lost potential.

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College Kumar Movie Cast

Prabhu Thirumurugan
Rajendra Prasad Sasi Kumar
Rahul Vijay Shiva Kumar
Priya Vadlamani Avantika
Madhoo Janaki

College Kumar Movie Story

Why Hari Santhosh spends the entirety of the primary half of the film showcasing how college life is, when it isn’t even the story, is beyond us. Rahul Vijay gets ample chance to romance (Priya Vadlamani as Avantika), dance (which he does well) and even fight for the foremost inane reasons. The emotional scenes are where he doesn’t match up but with the shoddy material at hand, there’s only such a lot he can do. The film tries too hard to show him as some hero, even giving him an inexplicable happy ending.

Madhubala is stuck within the role of the doting mother and wife but the actress truly shines when she’s given scope to perform during a scene or two. Rajendra Prasad breezes through his role, making the simplest of what he’s offered and lifting the film whenever it falters. nobody really knows why Priya Vadlamani exists during this tale. College Kumar Full Dubbed

College Kumar Full Dubbed Movie

This Movie has a stimulating premise but the way it’s achieved makes it appear to be leftover material from the 90s or early 2000s. The film even features a message to offer out, but until it’s spelt call at the voice-over, it doesn’t even come through. Tales like these require emotional heft, which is additionally missing. This one may be a missed opportunity and it only remotely works thanks to Rajendra Prasad and Madhubala’s presence. College Kumar Movie Download.

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