Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download HD 720p

Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download

Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download HD 720p Baalu (Sahil Jadhav) attempts to tug off a scam at his friend’s suggestion. But when he finds out that the victim may be a gullible village simpleton, he features a change of heart. Some movies leave an enduring impression and a sweet aftertaste. They drive the purpose home using the only of stories. Chumbak is one such film.

Bhalchandra aka Balu (Jadhav), a street-smart teenager, toils at a cafe in Mumbai with the only aim of saving enough money to start out a sugarcane juice shop in his village. But fate has other plans for him as he gets conned and loses his hard-earned money. this is often when his friend Disco (Desai) suggests that he should achieve a lottery scam if he still wants to realize his aim. Enter Prasanna (Swanand Kirkire), an innocent man who falls prey to Balu and Disco’s scam.

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Movie Review / Story

Thinking the decision is basically getting Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download to benefit him, Prasanna gives the 2 youngsters some money and his gold chain. Balu, however, features a change of heart and finishes up helping Prasanna. Not without enduring tons on the way though. What makes it more appealing is that the brilliant execution. The film may be a rollercoaster ride with innocent humour that gently gives thanks to some emotional moments.

Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download

For a movie to deliver a message well, an equivalent must be incorporated into the screenplay instead of giving out a discourse. Director Sandeep Modi does exactly that. there’s no out and out negative character within the film, but everyone has reminder grey. The layered treatment gives out the specified message clearly. within the acting department, Swanand Kirkire dominates the screen.

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Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download

He doesn’t go overboard with the role Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download and is convincing. First-timers Sahil and Sangram are comfortable facing the camera and complement Swanand’s character. The ingenious combination of of these characters strengthens the film.

Chumbak Marathi Full Movie

Films with a socially relevant topic sometimes tend to urge preachy and boring. It’s a rarity to seek out a well-developed screenplay in Marathi films. Our films pride oneself in their choice of subjects, but an honest concept doesn’t necessarily translate into an Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download honest film. within the case of Chumbak, the rare thing happens. it’s an easy idea at its core. A boy has lost his faith in humanity. The story deals with the restoration of that faith as he comes in touch with someone as innocent as a toddler . The film takes the thought and develops it in unexpected ways.

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Movie Songs

What i prefer the foremost about the film is that the layered nature of its characters. Balu (Jadhav) is bitter about his life experience. he’s employed at a Mum bai restaurant as a waiter but harbours a dream of owning a stall selling sugarcane juice in his village. The dream is dashed when he’s conned out of his savings. His friend Disco (Desai) suggests he do an equivalent to somebody else . Enter Prasanna (Kirkire), the scapegoat. The duo goes ahead with the plan, but Balu feels guilty at the rear of his mind. He decides to confront Prasanna, and that’s the start of the particular conflict.

The characters have a mind of their own and don’t seem to behave as we expect them to. The result’s unpredictable, and entertaining. the primary half tries many possibilities of approaching one situation. The last half escalates the dramatic potential of the film by introducing the past lifetime of the protagonists.

The film has no real villains, and it doesn’t need them. Most of the characters are positively portrayed, which escalates the size of the conflict. Villains cause simple solutions of eliminating the evil and leading the heroes to an illusory happy ending. The filmmaker has chosen a sensible approach here and thus easy solutions Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download are avoided. The climax works better because it doesn’t use dialogues to underline the message, but elaborates it through situations and visuals.

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Chumbak is Sandeep Modi’s debut as a feature director. The film benefits from the presence of three major players Swanand Kirkire as Prasanna Thombre, Sahil Jadhav as Balu, and Sangram Desai as Disco.

Kirkire is renowned as a lyricist and a screenwriter, and has occasionally acted in films but never during a role of such magnitude. He literally steals the show every chance he gets. the opposite two actors, Jadhav and Desai, who have faced the camera for the primary time, prove themselves equally capable. Desai’s role is humorous while Jadhav is that the emotional anchor of the film. it’s hard to imagine Chumbak with none of them.

Marathi cinema seems split between Chumbak Marathi Full Movie Download the favored , entertaining cinema, and high parallel cinema. Chumbak is one among those rare films that would appeal to patrons of both types, and that’s no small feat.


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