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Chicken Curry Law

Chicken Curry Law Movie Download

Chicken Curry Law Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla HD 720p Chicken Curry Law is a metaphor that illustrates a victim’s trial attempts to question the ways of our judiciary. Maya Johnson’s (Natalia Janoszek) case involves light through a report that shows her lying, bruised and half-naked, on a street.

And with it, the search of caseworker Satya Deshmukh (Nivedita Bhattacharya) begins. Satya hunts for information and witnesses and stumbles upon a jaded lawyer Sitapati Shukla (Ashutosh Ranas), who once lost faith within the system, but is convinced to urge back within the game.

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Movie Review / Story

This one’s tricky, for it involves none aside from the minister’s sons. Not that this is often the primary of its kind, but you continue to drag through Chicken Curry Law Movie Download the predictable plot, struggling to empathise with the melodramatic characters, who fail to attach also like the audiences.

Chicken Curry Law Movie Download

And it’s not just the weak dialogues and subplots, but even the make-up that shows bruises that’s shoddily done. There also are goofy supporting actors with strange accents, who are thrown certain some comic relief. But alas, the comedy leaves zero impact.

There is such a lot that would are through with this idea, but it falls apart at the execution level. Chicken Curry Law Movie Download The performances, too, aren’t up to the mark. Overall, it’s an effort to start a dialogue and convey a few changes, but if you’re trying to find a story that leaves an impression, this one is way from that.

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Let’s begin with the essentials first. In one among the several not so crucial scenes, the antagonist says to a particular character with heroic merits and abandon, ‘Tu Gareebon Ka Jolly LLB Hai!’ which sums up the whole film that’s Chicken Curry Law! The film is an appalling mixture of Pink and Jolly LLB 2. Only the title of this film promises some ‘taste’ but jiffy into the film and you realise you would like you had not gone its name for this is often a recipe, sure, but just for a disaster.

Chicken Curry Law Movie

The film deals with the rampant topic of rape and attempts to boost questions on issues like victim shaming and therefore the perception that item numbers propagate rape culture. The film opens with Maya, an exotic Chicken Curry Law Movie Download belly dancer who involves India in search of employment, but gets raped by two influential and powerful men. They belong to the family of Union Minister, Sharad Joshi, then it’s a no brainer that no stone is left unturned to guard the rapists against the law. Enter Satya Deshmukh, an activist and caseworker who runs a shelter for ladies who have faced abuse, assault and rape. She takes the assistance of a lawyer, Sitapati Shukla, who also runs a pav bhaji (Ummm never mind!) stall. They fight it out for Maya so that the assaulters be punished.

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Movie Songs

The writing is uninspiring and therefore the execution, shabby. Not one dialogue leaves any impact and that they lack novelty. The sequences are so done to death that there’s nothing to seem forward to. There are a bunch of comic sequences that appear to be crammed in to supply some relief to the viewers. But again, they’re incoherently woven into the narrative and leave no impact.

One of the characters, who is supposedly a Tamil-speaking lawyer, is given words and diction so stereotypical and crooked that it leaves you flabbergasted. the Chicken Curry Law Movie Download manufacturers have asked the actors to up the melodrama quotient so high that once they speak (read yell), it drains you of your energy.

Movie Clips / Trailer

One cannot blame the editing when the writing itself is so lousy. That said, editor Shadab Khan could have trimmed down the so-called comic scenes. Director Shekhar Sirrinn creates an environment that fails to resonate with you. Maya’s grief doesn’t tug at your heartstrings either.

Performance-wise, Ashutosh Rana plays his part well as was common but he deserved a stronger script and character. Makarand Deshpande seems to be a misfit. it’s sad to ascertain that an actor of his calibre is so wasted. Natalia Janoszek as Maya isn’t convincing enough. It looks like she did not slip under the skin of her Chicken Curry Law Movie Download character. Nivedita Bhattacharya is impressive as a robust, commanding and fearless caseworker. Zakir Hussain also suffers from a poorly written character. Aman Verma has nothing much to try to do. the remainder of the cast is mediocre and is extremely forgettable.

Movie Star Cast

Stating a practical example, Ashutosh continued by saying, If a rapist is punished 10-15 years after he has committed the crime, it’s not the justice served to the victim. it’s rightly said that justice delayed is justice denied. In short, through the medium of Chicken Curry Law, we would like the law system to lock up the method so that justice is served at the proper time.

Chicken Curry Law Full Movie

And now we all know the thoughts that were put behind naming this film. Meanwhile, Ashutosh is Chicken Curry Law Movie Download going to be next seen in Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff and Vaani Kapoor starrer War. When asked to share few details about his character, Ashutosh avoided mentioning it.

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