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Chaman Bahaar

Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download

Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Chaman Bahar sets itself in village India and gets its motif right the characters, the setting, their manner of speaking all close to bringing out an authentic feel. Billu (Jitendra Kumar) goes against the family tide and chooses to open his own paan shop as against taking over a forest department job like his father.

But business is unbearably slow for him and he finishes up swatting more flies within the day than making an actual sale. There seems to be some spark added to the present bleak existence when a government employee and his family move into the vacant house opposite his paan shop.

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Movie Review / Story

Billu is instantly intrigued by the young daughter within the family, Rinku (Ritika Badliani) who together Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download with her perfectly straight hair becomes an object of his male gaze.

Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download

Soon Billu realizes that his shop has now become a wanted spot because all the young men during this village of Lormi seem to have an interest in her. His business is brisk now – with more and more men frequenting his shop as a stopover. Soon a carrom club is about up too. But when he too falls for her, he’s torn between diverting all the gang from his shop and keeping his business intact. It all goes on till the local police steps into line things straight.

Chaman Bahar starts as an unusual, comical watch but it soon gives thanks to an uncomfortable Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download track of unabashed male entitlement. Rinku may be a school going girl and is oblivious to the stir she has created in town together with her ‘half pants’. She rides off in her scooty three to fourfold during a day with a hoard of men following her on their bikes.

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One political heir even chooses to follow her back from school to range in his car, while asking his driver to hurry up so she ‘knows’ she is being followed. Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download While all this through with a tinge of satire it manages to form one squirm quite smile. We never hear Rinku speak or know her side of the story. She is here because the object of male desire, purely on the idea of her looks. When it gets compounded to most men within the town, including her middle-aged school teacher it’s definitely even more unpalatable.

Chaman Bahaar Full Movie

However, some touches tick when Billu’s romance takes flight although only in his mind, since Rinku has never even spoken to him, he goes and gets himself a makeover. He even tries to divert the eye of the others, especially the most contenders for her Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download attention the local politician Shiladitya Tiwari (Alam Khan) and therefore the rich town kid Ashu (Ashwani Kumar).

In one telling scene, Billu nursing a bruised ego chases off on his cycle behind Rinku’s scooter but she speeds off, too fast for him to even catch up together with her. And eventually, there’s some redemption sought within the end. But the narrative is uneven and therefore the film’s pace loses steam mid-way making it a sluggish watch to some extent.

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Movie Songs

While the cast across the board achieves an honest performance, Jitendra Kumar is certainly part of ‘Chaman Bahar’. He nails every mood and nuance of his character wonderfully blending into the tiny town milieu without a blip. Another impeccable act after Panchayat. Billu, a paanwala, who has seen these guys follow Rinku to her home, listens to them mention her with a countenance. He doesn’t just like the way they talk, but he features a business to run and, the arrival of the new girl ahead of his humble shop, has brought a barrage of those nicotine suckers to his shop.

Rinku’s beauty has touched Billu also. After all, he was the one who saw her before anybody else within the town did. Soon, he sees the town’s biggies, including a politician’s son and a businessman, loitering behind Rinku. Does a paanwala stand an opportunity compared to those mighty beings? Maybe not, but this paanwala, Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download who left a stable job to start his own business, isn’t getting to hand over easily. Like carom coins, Billu skillfully pushes these biggies into a dark hole and takes his chance with Rinku by throwing an “I love you” wala card at her home. the top result, however, isn’t pretty.

Chaman Bahaar makes for an uncomfortable watch, especially once you see grown-up men, one among whom is about to tie the knot, follow a minor girl. But those girls who have sleep in small towns, especially in three-tier cities, would be ready to identify with this uneasiness. Towns where wearing shorts and speaking English may be a big deal. And when men find this ‘sarvagun sampanna’ girl riding a scooty alongside them, they can not help but follow her everywhere, hoping she would notice and choose them from this sea of lonely men.

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Director Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann walks a skinny line here. He saves Chaman Bahaar from taking place the Kabir Singh route by merely presenting reality because Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download it is. He didn’t glorify these men for following a minor girl. In fact, during a few scenes, he shows them getting throbbed for his or their wrongdoings. the sole problem is that he hasn’t given even one dialogue to his female lead. Now that cannot be pardoned.

From dialect to local lingo, Apurva has captured the essence of a little town quite well. These ignored towns are home to several interesting characters, and Apurva has brought them to the fore deftly. The film also Chaman Bahaar Full Movie Download makes comments on the category difference, dirty politics and therefore the yawning gap that exists between the country’s small and large towns, despite development being the mudda for years. it’s a cleverly written film that subtly presents the hard-hitting facts of our society.

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Chaman Bahaar

Director: Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann

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