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Chalo Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Right from the primary scene of ‘Chalo’, featuring a frustrated Naresh during a cell, it’s made clear that this film, despite supported a sombre subject, refuses to require itself too seriously. Hari (Naga Shaurya) may be a typical college kid from Hyderabad, except he has the quirk of stepping into fights.

But when the disorder in Tiruppuram begins to affect their relationship, will Hari manage to vary for the higher or are going to escalate things further like he always does.

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Movie Review / Story

Naga Shaurya is great in his role as Hari, the school student with the way an excessive amount of energy to spend on conflict. he’s as hooked on fights as a druggie would be to his choice of poison. Rashmika is sweet enough in her role as Karthika, a geeky, bubbly girl who is split between her love for family and Hari. Despite Chalo Telugu Movie Download the story of ‘Chalo’ being somewhat a cliché, director Venky somehow cleverly manages to show the tropes into a fun and interesting ride (thanks to the opposing clans fighting one another complete with swords and knives and a fence running throughout the village diving them). Kudos thereto.

The story of ‘Chalo’ is downright inane, but the simplest part is it doesn’t even pretend to be otherwise, not even for a second. The twists and turns all come laced with a generous helping of humour and therefore the final, big reveal is so awfully bad that you simply can’t help but wonder how they might even come to Chalo Telugu Movie Download up with such silliness. But that’s to not say, the film is bad in the least. On the contrary, it’s actually a mindlessly enjoyable ride.

The first half establishes itself as a campus comedy and therefore the second veers more towards the conflict within the village. However, the shift isn’t jarring, albeit the second half makes one impatient about what the conflict between the clans is basically about. the primary half is breezy and fun, while the last half holds back from getting too heavy anywhere. Chalo Telugu Movie Download While Naga Shaurya and Rashmika achieve their roles well, the supporting cast featuring Satya, Vennela Kishore, Raghu Babu, Viva Harsha, and Posani Krishna Murali is a gem to behold. They lift the story when it begins to sag and fire off one-liners with ease it’s hard to not love them.

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The dialogues do their bit well to tickle your funny bones and therefore the cinematography by Sai Sriram is agreeable, featuring lush locales and a gorgeous campus. On the entire, ‘Chalo’ is that the film you would like to observe this weekend if you’re trying to find a popcorn entertainer. If you’re trying to find something that creates sense, give this one a miss.

Hari(Naga Shourya) may be a university student who loves stepping into fights. Upset together with his attitude, his father(Naresh) sends him to Tirupuram which is situated between the Andhra and Tamil Nadu border. Upon his arrival, Hari falls crazy together with Chalo Telugu Movie Download his classmate Karthika(Rashmika). But to win her love, he must solve the issues that are existing between the people both states. the remainder of the story is on how Hari handles these issues and wins his love.

One of the most important plus points of the film is that the ample entertainment which is thrown at regular intervals. albeit the plot is thin, the way the director has written the comedy episodes elevates the film completely. Not only does he look handsome, but he’s also comfortable ahead of the camera. Rashmika makes a powerful debut and suits perfectly in her role. Acting-wise, she is pretty good and can go an extended way in her career.

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Movie Songs

Comedians carry the whole film on their shoulders. Satya does a hilarious job and keeps the momentum getting into the primary half. Vennela Kishore once more shines and saves the last half together with his impeccable comedy timing. The one-liners were written and therefore the way the plot is narrated helps the film. As said earlier, there’s nothing much within the storyline. Problems between two villages and the way the hero falls crazy with Chalo Telugu Movie Download a woman from one family and wins his love, such episodes are showcased in many films within the past. the issues between the village are showcased on a significant note throughout the film but when the time involves revealing the particular plot, things get quite silly during the climax.

Coming to the director Venky, he makes a powerful debut. albeit there’s nothing much in his story, the way he has packed the film with good entertainment makes things work. The way he narrates the key elements within the plot showcases his talent. he’s a director Chalo Telugu Movie Download to observe out for and does an honest job for his first film.

On the entire, Chalo may be a breezy entertainer which has comedy as its forte. Naga Shourya makes an honest comeback and leads from the front. albeit the plot is straightforward, the film is crammed with entertainment at regular intervals. Comedian Satya and Vennela Kishore make things work with their performance. Finally, this is often a sort of film which one must leave the logic behind and luxuriate in the fun that’s being showcased. If you’re okay with the above-said things, Chalo finishes up as an honest time pass entertainer this weekend.

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The Naga Shaurya, Rashmika Mandanna-starrer Chalo turns the concept of cross-border enmity into a hilarious premise that’s filled with surprises. As a result, several differences happen between Tamilians and Telugu-speaking people within the village. And quite half a century later, the 2 factions within the village can’t see one another eye-to-eye. As preposterous because the premise might sound, Venkatesh Kudumula turns it into a key part of the conflict between characters and it often leads to some unexpected results.

Right within the beginning of the film, we are told that Hari (Naga Shaurya) likes to get into fights. His father gets scared about his son’s fate, and one fine day, Chalo Telugu Movie Download he gets a brainwave which soon forces Hari to travel to Tirrupuram. Hari is shocked to ascertain that there are not any fights in his new college, but it doesn’t take him too long to work out that nothing is because it seems within the village. there’s a fence that runs throughout the village, and therefore the remainder of the story is about how Hari brings this fence right down to unite the warring factions.

It’s a catch-22 situation, which says such a lot about the fine line that Venkatesh Kudumula walks to narrate the story. As long because the characters stand back from this fence, Chalo gives us many interesting laugh-out-loud moments, and therefore the sparkling chemistry between Naga Shaurya and newcomer Rashmika Mandanna may be a treat to observe. Whether it’s the interactions between students, especially those featuring Naga Shaurya, Satya, and Harsha, or how the 2 lead actors fall crazy with one another, the primary half of the film is that the reason why Chalo feels refreshing to a particular extent.

Movie Star Cast

The arrival of Vennela Kishore does add some zing to the proceedings, but it just doesn’t feel it’s right back on target. Watching this film, and therefore the way it ends, made me wonder if the team lost a chance to Chalo Telugu Movie Download from a full-blown entertainer. For Naga Shaurya, Chalo seems like a step in the right direction, and he’s completely comfortable with himself. Since we aren’t given ample time to brood over whether or not the premise sounds logical enough, it all boils right down to what proportion Naga Shaurya believes within the story and therefore the backdrop to form us root for him. He succeeds to an honest extent until the story runs out of fuel. Rashmika makes a terrific debut and she’s a joy to observe on screen. Chalo also owes tons to its supporting characters led by Satya and Sudharshan Reddy, who bring many laughs to the proceedings.

The film is additionally crammed with many stereotypes about people from different regions, but thankfully, it stays far away from mocking their traits. Chalo, just like the title suggests, sets bent to offer a fun experience. It’s funny as long because the characters stay Chalo Telugu Movie Download irreverent, which is what makes an enormous impression within the half, but once things take a significant turn, nobody quite seems to know where to go. It’s a shame because, for a short time, Chalo was surprisingly funny.

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