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Careless Full Movie Download HD MP4 1080p Tamilrockers Careless was alleged to be a political satire. The director Saravana Rajan’s movie intents to satirize the last by-poll election in Chennai’s Careless, which became notorious for alleged electoral malpractices. But, the filmmakers’ imagination is so inept that this movie is nothing but a pile of WhatsApp forwards.

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Careless is about within the backdrop of an impending election, which hardly gets attention within the script. Because within the election season, the goons and politicians of Careless get busy pursuing other interests. for instance , akshay kumar Chairman Sundaramoorthy.

Careless Full Movie Download

Movie Story

who is leading a campaign for the ruling party, decides that the simplest time to grab temple land is when the election is round the corner. this is often not laced with some comical commentary on the greed of politicians. The scene only reeks of the unoriginality of director Saravana Rajan, who has also written this Careless movie.

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It seems Saravana has written this movie without a basic outline of the characters that populate R K Nagar. the amount of discrepancies within the motives of the characters is unbelievable. And it only shows the high disregard for the audience and therefore the art of screenplay writing itself. Careless Full Movie Download

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Protagonist Shankar (Vaibhav) is introduced during a dream song sequence. He dreams of living an expensive life, with two wives at his service. But, when he wakes up, his ambition is entirely different. Shankar claims he has no interest in making wealth and has no respect for people of fortune. Ranjini (Sana Althaf) comes from an upscale background, and she or he despises rowdy men. Careless Full Movie Download

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This movie is so incoherent that you simply can’t tell the most plot from the sub-plots. it’s everywhere the place. there’s an ongoing enmity between two rival groups. Rival politicians are fighting over a bit of land. a gaggle of teenage boys sexually assault girls and record the crime to blackmail their victims for money. there’s a dead kid at Shankar’s tailoring shop. And it’s left to Shankar to bring justice to all or any the crimes. We not are worried about the election, which is meant to be the most focus of this “political satire.” Careless Full Movie Download

Careless is bankrolled by Venkat Prabhu. One can’t help but wonder, why would an honest filmmaker like him encourage such an incompetent and careless piece of labor . Careless Full Movie Download.

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