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Bunker Hindi Movie

Bunker Hindi Movie Download HD 720p When infiltrators violate the ceasefire agreement and attack a military bunker in Poonch (Kashmir), Lt. Vikram Singh (Abhijeet Singh) finishes up being the lone survivor severely wounded and tied to a live shell. But, he fights with all his heart, soul and might.

Sure, writer director Jugal Raja’s ‘Bunker’ Bunker Hindi Movie Download is an ode to the Indian soldiers and therefore the countless sacrifices and life-threatening risks they undertake to make sure that we the citizens and our national borders are safe and well-guarded.

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Movie Review / Story

But, if you’re taking that sentiment away and specialise in the cinematic aspect of it, then this war drama is riddled with contradictions first, it claims to bring back forefront the futility of war and yet, the entire Bunker Hindi Movie Download plot is predicated on one such incident and that we never get to discussing the repercussions of ‘existing’ during a war torn region. Secondly, it aims to spotlight the psychological state conditions of soldiers, who, by and enormous , sleep in hostile environments.

Bunker Hindi Movie Download

This noble thought would have made for a stimulating watch because it may be a relevant issue just like the Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) but it’s not explored beyond fleeting moments of grief. Lastly, this movie promises to capture the emotional turmoil that the families of those bravehearts’ experience upon losing their loved ones or maybe the pangs of separation one encounters during months of deployment.

The depiction of those emotions feel forced on screen. The protagonist couldn’t do justice to the intensity of the role and therefore the magnitude of things that the character was in. the feminine lead, too, isn’t an able support to the already weak cast. As an entire , the theatrics department disappoints, then does the background score. However, one among the culminations of ‘Bunker’ is that the melancholic song by Rekha Bharadwaj titled ‘Lautke Ghar Jaana Hai’ which tugs at your heartstrings. This war drama is one among those stories that has its heart within the right place, but fails to stay the guarantees it makes.

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Bunker Hindi Movie Download

On the LOC in Poonch sector, a bunker manned by Indian soldiers has been attacked. Captain Vikram Singh (Singh) is seriously injured, blood running down his eyes: his fellow soldiers, including a favorite subedaar, are dead. This film, which is about mostly within the tiny bunker, works as a metaphor for the senselessness of all war. India and Pakistan, locked for many years in an endless conflict, may win or lose some bunkers. But the loss of life impacts all humans, whichever side of the border they inhabit.


Bunker jogs my memory a touch of the 2001 Oscar winner No Man’s Land, where the struggle for survival of two enemy soldiers is mediated by an Bunker Hindi Movie Download awareness that both are human. Vikram’s inability to ascertain , and to maneuver forces him into a corner, which may be a position most soldiers find themselves in whether or not they are on the front, or not theirs to not reason why etc.

Home life, or what passes for it, is additionally affected. during a brief segment, we are introduced to Vikram’s TV professional wife Swara (Kalita), who is holding up the house front, eagerly expecting her husband to return back and lookout of their three year old daughter, while she goes back to figure.

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This separation, which a ‘fauji’ family is so wont to , and bears mostly with good grace, is completed well. and that we see the bravery of the person within the face of fireside a soldier named Javed stumbles into the bunker as Vikram waits for rescue– whether he’s Indian or Pakistani. within the current times, when jingoism is that the name of the sport , and therefore the ‘enemy’ within and without is being vilified non-stop, a movie like Bunker Hindi Movie Download Bunker may be a brave, necessary attempt.

Some sequences continue for too long, and there are places where the shortage of finesse is clear , but it works for the film. Spit and polish is strictly for uniforms: the life (and death) of a soldier may be a messy thing. And what about the lads guarding our borders? In our blood thirsty times, where anybody who dares to question the government’s policies is reminded of the valour and sacrifices of the soldiers , comes a movie that dares to supply a view from the trenches.

Writer and director Jugal Raja’s Bunker is about within the Poonch sector along the road of Control between India and Pakistan. A military bunker is severely damaged during a ceasefire violation, and Lieutenant Vikram Singh (Abhijeet Singh) is that the only survivor. His eyes are injured and his legs wounded, which suggests that he can almost prop himself up.

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To keep his spirits up, Vikram chats together with his slain comrades and keeps calling for reinforcements, which are unable to succeed in him on time due to the incessant shelling.

Except for the flashbacks, Bunker is about entirely within the space that was Vikram’s position and has now become his gas chamber. The camera is usually placed centimetres faraway from Vikram’s blood-splattered face to bring the horror up close. At other times, Vikram’s forced immobility becomes a metaphor for things during which soldiers like him find themselves. Recruits in wars that they didn’t always check in for and sure to perform their duty, all they will do is fire away blindly and hope they could emerge alive.

Some sequences play out for much too long. The movie may need worked better at a good crisper duration than the 98 minutes it runs. Abhijeet Singh puts up a spirited performance so far another statistic within the unending war of attrition between India Bunker Hindi Movie Download and Pakistan over Kashmir. The sorrow of losing loved ones is bigger than victory or defeat in war, Vijay Raaz’s voiceover notes. This modest contribution to the Indian war movie genre has the temerity to suggest that while there’s no shortage of gallantry on the Indo Pak border, there’s an important price to be purchased war mongering. Peaceniks are sometimes found within the strangest of places.


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