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Boyz Marathi Movie Download

boyz marathi movie download torrent sites This is a tale of Kabir “Gayatri” Panigrahi, raised by his mother alone. He’s tired of facing questions about his father. All the time his mother steers away from the discussion whenever they come to the topic of Kabir’s father, which has now developed deep cracks between the two.
The only communication thread between them is Kabir’s aunt. Citing the tense atmosphere at home his mother and aunt decide to send Kabir to a Boarding school.
boyz marathi movie download

Two years on, Kabir has settled at the School and has earned every possible success that is achievable. He’s striving for success all the time although the questions about the identity of his father still keep haunting him.

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comedy films like ‘Masti‘ and ‘Kya Kool Hai Hum‘ have taken the audience all of sudden. Boyz 2 may be a similarly breaking film. Dhungya (Partha Bhalerao), Dhairya (Prateek Lad) and Kabir (Sumant Shinde) are three friends in Baravit and that they have an honest relationship with Narya (Omkar Bhojane) Sr. he’s constantly quarreling with Dhungya and Dhairya.

to remain faraway from all this, Kabir decides to not stay during a hostel in his twelfth year. But he falls crazy with Chitra (Saily Patil), a newcomer to school, and involves stay during a hostel for her. But Kabir, Dhungya and Dhairya still argue with Narya. It takes a bet altogether of this. Anyone who fails to finish this pledge will need to leave college.

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Dhairya and Dhungya, two village children get inducted in school as a special case. Both Dhairya and Dhungya are full of mischiefs. Tired of their deeds the villagers have arranged their admission to the boarding school to keep them away. The new entrants start to show their colors and the institute which is based on its principles start to witness changes.

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