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BONUS Full Marathi Movie

Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download Presenting the official trailer of the upcoming Marathi movie  BONUS starring Gashmeer Mahajani & Pooja Sawant.

In the recent past, writer Saurabh Bhave has been related to projects like Chumbak and Pipsi and with Bonus, he makes his directorial debut. Saurabh has also written the story, screenplay and dialogue for the film which is a few ‘big story of small moments’.

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Movie Review / Story

The story of Bonus is straightforward but while presenting it, the director has thought from the viewers’ perspective which makes the film enjoyable. it is a Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download relatable story that’s put forth in a way that everybody will understand. Bonus revolves around Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajan), an upper-class businessman who handles a closed corporation alongside his grandfather (Mohan Agashe).

Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download

He has lived a cocooned life, is ambitious and follows a vegan diet. Aditya wants to require the business to newer heights and ensures his staff is paid well and on time. However, he opposed the concept of giving workers a bonus, something his grandfather swears by because he understands how important it’s for an individual from the lower economic strata.

While discussing an equivalent at some point, Aditya’s grandfather challenges him to measure the lifetime of a daily worker with the quantity they get purchased a month. Aditya agrees, not knowing what’s Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download future for him. He leaves for Mumbai’s Koliwada with Rs 8000 in his pocket, out of which Rs 5000 get spent for a room’s monthly rent.

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The film tells you why it is vital to enjoying the smaller things in life. In doing so it also takes a humorous approach sometimes and puts a smile on your face. The actors perform well. Cashmere brings subtlety Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download to his portrayal of Aditya and may be a treat to observe. Pooja lights up the screen with the scenes she is in and therefore the supporting actors are sincere too.

Bonus Full Marathi Movie

However, there’s a sense of incompleteness after the film ends. Perhaps the romance of Aditya and Minal could’ve been better explored, or the story of the opposite characters that are available in Aditya’s life could’ve been etched out more. But these are things that could’ve been done. Maybe a second instalment of the Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download film can do justice to those shortcomings.

You may remember the movie ‘Magnet’ which was released two years ago. The writing of this movie was very sensitive. this is often the movie ‘Bonus’ written by Saurabh Bhave. During this point, Saurabh was liable for writing stories, screenplays, dialogues, etc., but also directing. From ‘Bonus’, he presented the story ‘Bumper Story of Short Moments’ to the audience. As a director, he has not been tempted to write down on his own.

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Movie Songs

So cinema events and dialogues don’t seem to linger anywhere. The lifetime of the story is brief. However, the director has also considered the purpose of view of the audience while handling this story and presenting its story on the screen. So, a lightweight thing succeeds in entertaining. The story of ‘Bonus’ seems Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download to us because this movie doesn’t bring tons of entertainment.

The story of the movie is about Aditya from a well-to-do family. Gashmir Mahajani) Revolves around. Aditya runs the closed corporation together with his grandfather and father. Aditya may be a very ambitious young man with an honest lifestyle, no sleep without AC, and a Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download vegan diet. While the workers in his company receive a salary at a special time and an annual salary increase; He doesn’t wish to give them extra bonuses. He opposes giving bonuses. But Aditya’s grandfather (Mohan Agashe) would have found out about the corporate with great effort and therefore the courage of the workers.

Therefore, the grandfather insisted that the workers should get a bonus. Now Aditya and his grandfather are depending on whether to offer a ‘bonus’ or not. In it, grandfather Aditya is challenged to measure a month’s life sort of a normal labourer. he’s sent from Nashik to Mumbai to spend Rs 8,000 a month. He gets a little house in Koliwada in Mumbai by paying rent of 5 thousand rupees. Now out of the remaining three thousand in hand, how does he spend the month in Mumbai; This movie that shows this.

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A month in Koliwada goes through tons of ups and downs for Aditya, who features a vision of ‘the world of Koliwada and therefore the world of luxury is Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download different’. (Since Aditya belongs to an aristocratic family, it’s difficult for him to adapt to the present lifestyle.) But, in his life, Meenal (Pooja Sawant) may be a local girl and what happens to Aditya next? Does he win this page? you’ve got to observe movies to understand this.

The tagline of this movie is ‘There is happiness in small things. But, why is it worth enjoying these things; this may be understood while watching the movie. At the equivalent time, the congregations living within the Koliwada area of Mumbai will love this movie. The director has portrayed the culture and unity of the village. The story of the movie is brief but its essence is great. Therefore, this dilemma posed ahead of Aditya on the occasion of Paige is both funny and emotional. Gashmir has done an honest job here also as within the previous movies. He has excelled in both the colours of his role (Uchchbhru and Koliwada). He easily plays the role of Aditya. Pooja has also raised all the problems that have befallen her.

One of the specialities of her role is her costume. She seems like an area girl from Koliwada. The length of the movie is limited, But something else was expected to happen at the top of the story. Maybe, we’ll need to await ‘Bonus 2’ next year to understand the romance of Aditya and Meenal. For now, though, the director Bonus Full Marathi Movie Download has finished the story; However, subsequent stories of the characters should come to the fore. Sanjay Memane’s cinematography is linear and colourful.

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Director: Saurabh Bhave

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