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Bolo Hau

Bolo Hau Movie Download

Bolo Hau Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers It is a romance between Salman and Rukhsar who belong to 2 different social statuses. Will their love be accepted by their families? Set in old Hyderabad, the story focuses on the romance of a few in their mid-twenties fighting the category divide. Unemployed Salman is the son of a small-time antique dealer and spends all his time together with his friends. Rukhsar may be a college-going girl who hails from the family of Nawabs.

The duo fall head over heels crazy once they see one another at a mutual friend’s wedding. Despite the disparity in their social statuses, will their families accept their relationship or will they are going to extreme ends to stay them apart, is the focus of this flick.

Movie Review / Story

Bolo Hau means ‘Say Yes’ in the Dakhani language. Writer-director Tarun Dhanrajgir has penned this romantic saga with Abid Shah. Together, they’re ready to weave the culture of Hyderabad into the story effortlessly. This love tale is presented very authentically which is what draws you into the film. However, the plot is just too predictable from the start as it’s an equivalent age-old drama of a wealthy girl falling crazy with a poor guy and their families being against their relationship.

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Bolo Hau Movie Download

Tarun Dhanrajgir introduces his editor turned actress daughter, Jahnavi Dhanrajgir, in ‘Bolo Hau’ is additionally the editor of the film. a few scenes, especially the climax ones, are chopped abruptly. Jahnavi’s on-screen chemistry with Ankit Rathi lacks the specified passion for a narrative like this. Gullu Baba’s character because Bolo Hau Movie Download the third tier to the present romance is sort of confusing and his dialogues are unfunny, too. Rukhsar’s mother Begum (Preeti Nigam) plays a serious role in pushing the narrative forward. She may be a strict mother and continues to possess an authoritative tone throughout.

However, at a time when there’s a growing assertiveness of the Dakhni language within the south, Tarun Dhanrajgir’s Bolo Hau may be a refreshing movie that Hyderabadis will perhaps enjoy. While it does comprise the standard storyline of an elite woman falling crazy with a young bourgeoisie man.

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More importantly, Bolo Hau, though not exactly a masterpiece, maybe a step in the right direction, as Tarun Dhanrajgir’s movie embraces Dakhni, and uses it as an anchor to deliver typical Hyderabadi dialogues and punchlines. a number of them, though a touch cringe-worthy, is well done and can make audiences laugh. The inclusion of the documented character ‘Gullu Dada’ also adds a touch of flavour.

But adding characters like that of ‘Gullu Dada’ also takes away the seriousness from the movie, which has great potential otherwise to truly decode and highlight the category divisions that exist between Jagirdar families and therefore the others. Bolo Hau Bolo Hau Movie Download goes a touch deeper, by showing us conversations between those that generationally are serving former Jagirdar or landlord families in Hyderabad or the Deccan. Tarun’s daughter Jahnavi does well, but the male lead is quite unconvincing.

Bolo Hau Movie Download

Salman (Ankit Rathi) may be a typical middle-class and rather aimless young man, who comes across Rukhsar (Jahnavi Dhanrajgir) at a marriage. The latter belongs to a ‘Nawab’ or Jagirdar family, but despite them coming from different worlds, they fall crazy, in typical Hyderabadi style.

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The problem arises at parallel when Rukhsar is additionally spotted by Khurshid Ali Khan (Adnan Sajid Khan), aka Gullu Baba, who wants her hand in marriage. The messenger who carries around the word to repair marriages is played by a transgender character, which is additionally very well done. The movie is anchored on Pasha (Priya Nigam), Rukhsar’s mother, who may be a symbol of the decadent Nawabs from Hyderabad who once held sway under the Asaf Jahi Nizams. Their lifestyle is additionally.

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Expectedly, the family doesn’t want the 2 lovers to urge together, but Rukhsar’s two brothers, Bolo Hau Movie Download Bade Nawab and Chote Nawab want her to marry the over the top ‘Gullu Baba’, as long as he promises them monetary help as a part of the wedding deal. that’s where the story goes into the social aspect. You see, Rukhsar’s family features a palatial old range in Hyderabad’s Tappachabutra. However, it’s a house of cards, because the family isn’t doing too well financially, with the 2 brothers reeling under debt.

Pasha rejects a suitor who she considers beneath her class and is unwilling to let her daughter marry anyone below their class. what’s interesting is that the accurate portrayal of the house helps, Gaffar Ali and Haleema Bi.

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Bolo Hau Movie Download

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