Berij Vajabaki Marathi Full Movie Download 720p Leaked On Torrent Sites

Berij Vajabaki

Berij Vajabaki Marathi Movie Download Leaked

Berij Vajabaki Marathi Full Movie Download 720p Leaked On Torrent Sites Shamrao, a deep-pocketed builder, along side few others wants to accumulate the land on which Chaudhari sir’s school is found to create a mall. the varsity uses a special quite education method, not confined to four walls. Shamrao puts forth a deal to the varsity authority. Will he achieve acquiring the land?

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Berij Vajabaki’s central theme is about the behavioural pattern of oldsters and their unrealistic expectations from their children. The story circulates around an inter-school competition that decides the simplest school award of the year. Amidst the competition, a bunch of selfish parents want to accumulate the land of Chaudhari sir’s (Nandu Madhav) school to create a mall thereon .

Berij Vajabaki Marathi Full Movie

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Chaudhari sir’s students are forced to participate within the competition else he loses the land to Shamrao and his group. What everyone doesn’t realise is that the youngsters are getting used as pawns during a game of power by their parents.

Unknown of the deal their parents and schools have laid down, the youngsters from five schools began for a game competition which will decide the fate of the land. While on the hunt, they discover various aspects of life at different stages.

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The behavioural pattern of oldsters reflects within the child’s upbringing. The innocence of youngsters and what they need in their lives is what this film showcases in interesting ways and plots.

While actors like Mohan Joshi, Upendra Limaye and Pravin Tarde have little screen time, the whole film rests on the young shoulders of the kid actors. Out of these , Jaee Rahalkar and Neel Bakshi are promising.

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Though the film carries a social message and has its heart within the right place, Berij Vajabaki fails in terms of execution. It provides food for thought for the oldsters though.

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Berij Vajabaki

Director: Raju Bhosale

Date Created: 2022-05-18 05:34

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