Bayko Deta Ka Bayko Marathi Movie Download

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Bayko Deta Ka Bayko Movie

Bayko Deta Ka Bayko Marathi Movie Download The story of the film is about unrealistic expectations and complicated relationships. It also takes a look at how today, having a job is considered better than being a farmer in rural areas and how this affects many youngsters looking for brides.

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Bayko Deta Ka Bayko

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Review: When Sudhir’s (Pratik Padwal) marriage proposal is opposed by a village elder because he does not earn enough, he tries to commit suicide. Meanwhile, his friend Sandesh (Suresh Thange) tries hard to impress Shruti (Aarti Tambe) who is not interested in him, and Pallavi (Shweta Kulkarni) tries to impress Sandesh who is after Shruti.

The plot of the movie is complicated, but new entrant Suresh Thange, who essays the role of Sandesh, successfully manages multiple roles as writer, director and protagonist. However, owing to too much happening simultaneously, the movie loses its focus. The film progresses rather weakly in the first half but picks up later. Shweta Kulkarni who plays Pallavi, also a new entrant, leaves an impression, but has less screen-time to do complete justice to her role.

Sunil Godbole adds comic flavour with his character as an old man, and also delivers the message of not having unnecessarily high expectations.

Although the heart is in the right place, Bayko Deta Ka Bayko suffers in terms of execution. While the movie ends on a happy note, the same can’t be said for the audience. Watch this one at your own risk.

Bayko Deta Ka Bayko Marathi Movie Credits

  • Co-Producer – Sambhaji Padwal, Janabai Devkar, Amol Navle, Ganesh Tonde. Vilas shinde. Shahaji Yampure. trimbak surwase.
  • Starring Suresh Thange, Shweta Kulkarni, Aarti Tambe in the lead roles. & Sunil Godbole, Kishor Dhamale, Siddheshwar Zadbuke, Abhilasha patil .
  • Second lead starcast : Pratik padwal, Amol Pathade, Pramila Jagtap, Hanumant Gange,Pritam Salunkhe.
  • Produced By : Dhananjay Ramdas Yampure. Nitin Gawde , Mahadev GHarat.
  • Directed By : Suresh Sahebrao Thange.

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