Bakaal Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p

Bakaal Marathi Movie Download

Bakaal Marathi Movie Download

Bakaal Marathi Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Marketed as ‘The first Marathi action film’, Bakaal is certainly high on action, but calling it a primary is stretching it a touch. The film features a pretty simple story revolving around a gaggle of kids whose lives are suffering from Bakaal, an individual behind many illegal activities happening around them.

Some have lost dear ones to addiction, some have tried to kill and a few are rendered helpless thanks to Bakaal. However, the kids plan to take things under their control and prepare to tackle the wrongdoings in their own way. They prepare under the guidance of an able trainer for an equivalent. But do they manage to require Bakaal down?

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Movie Review / Story

To its credit, this film, directed by Sameer Athalye, does have tons of excellent action choreography and Chaitanya Mestry, the actor, performs the stunts Bakaal Marathi Movie Download and fights convincingly. His action sequences are the highlights of the film, albeit the sole ones. because of amateur treatment and over-the-top portrayals, Bakaal fails to stay you hooked. Debutant Jui Bendkhale features a good screen presence but little scope in terms of performance here. Alka Kubal makes an appearance also, but there’s nothing noteworthy there. Unless you’re content watching a movie for just a couple of fight sequences, this one is often avoided.

Bakaal Marathi Movie

In the 80s-90s Vidarbha was under the threat of an evil invisible phenomenon named ‘Bakaal’. Bakaal exploited the region with the spread of the white plague and the rise in many other crimes. The leader of this group was never to be caught by the safety forces. But a parallel private security force was formed of brave soldiers who fought ‘Bakaal’ and to everyone’s surprise demolished it. supported this true event and therefore the 139-year-old tradition of ‘Marbat’ in Vidarbha director Sameer Athalye alongside producer Rajkumar Menda has created an action film of giant canvas which may match the quality of any mainstream Bollywood film.

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A young college-going Chaitanya and his friends are shattered by the death of their friend thanks to the consumption of medicine. All those friends close to lawfully protest against the impact of medicine. that’s once they are noticed by the kingpin of crime & satanic Bakaal Marathi Movie Download drug phenomenon ‘Bakaal’. Chaitanya’s father who was a policeman had lost his life fighting against this very ‘Bakaal’, long before Chaitanya was born! Chaitanya’s mother had faced the trauma of losing her husband yet she is that the source of his energy to fight against injustice and she or he keeps inspiring Chaitanya to fight against ‘Bakaal’. But only due to some magical forces working for him! What are these forces that save Chaitanya? How do they keep giving strength to Chaitanya? All the answers to those questions are often found while watching this thrilling action-packed entertainer.

Bakaal Movie

Army officers Subhedar (Milind Gawali) and Tamba (Ashok Samarth) are asked by the commissioner to end dreaded gangster Bakaal. Both the military officers begin their mission but Subhedar dies while trying to save lots of Tamba. Mrs. Subhedar (Alka Athalye) raises her son, Chaitanya, who grows up to be a handsome and brave young man (Chaitanya Mestry). Chaitanya falls crazy together with his college mate, Juhi (Jui Belkhande).

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Movie Songs

One day, Chaitanya’s friend, Rupesh, dies suddenly. Dr. Lanjewar (Pradeep Velankar) explains to Chaitanya that the cause for Rupesh’s death was drugs. He informs Chaitanya about how young girls and boys were being targeted by drug lords. Chaitanya and his friends Bakaal Marathi Movie Download plan to uproot the evil of medicine during a bid to urge justice for his or her deceased friend because the police refuse to lodge their complaint against the drug peddlers and drug lords. Dr. Lanjewar decides to assist Chaitanya in his noble mission but the previous soon dies. Meanwhile, Juhi has all the admiration for Chaitanya due to his stance against drugs. She introduces her paternal uncle, Balwant (Yatin Karyekar), to Chaitanya.

After Dr. Lanjewar’s death, Juhi uses the CCTV footage of the hospital and tracks down the drug peddlers within the hospital. Chaitanya gives them a chase and while doing so, he meets a military officer and his dad’s friend, Tamba. In fact, Tamba saves Chaitanya from the drug peddlers. Later, Chaitanya’s mother introduces Tamba to him as his late father’s friend. Tamba now gives Chaitanya commando training. Meanwhile, the policeman (Ganesh Yadav) informs the media that Chaitanya is dead. Tamba, Chaitanya and their commandos plan to kill Bakaal. But before that, the gangster’s men kidnap Chaitanya’s mother and their neighbor, Pari. Chaitanya and therefore the commandos free the kidnapped ladies from the clutches of the gangster’s men. Meanwhile, Juhi gets the plan of the gangster to hold out bomb blasts. That’s when Chaitanya, Tamba, and therefore the commandos foil the plan and reach Bakalar.

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Vinod Deshpande and Milind Save have penned a routine story that tries to pack in everything by hook or by crook. Milind Save’s screenplay is a hotchpotch Bakaal Marathi Movie Download and doesn’t have any novelty. that’s why the drama becomes predictable and oft-repeated. Resultantly, it fails to stay the audience engaged or involved. Abhiram Bhadkamkar’s dialogues are commonplace.

Chaitanya Mestry does a good job as Chaitanya. Jui Belkhande is okay as Juhi. Alka Athalye lends good support within the role of Chaitanya’s mother. Ashok Samarth shines as Tamba. Milind Gawali has his moments as Subhedar. Yatin Karyekar is alright as Juhi’s paternal uncle. Ganesh Yadav leaves a fine mark because of the policeman. Pradeep Velankar makes his presence felt like Dr. Lanjewar. Asit Redij (as Makkad), Ravindra Berde (as Banwari chacha), Jayant Savarkar, Suhasini Deshpande, and Pooja Nayak are adequate.

Sameer Mukund Athalye’s direction and camerawork are fair. Ashok Patki’s music and Bakaal Marathi Movie Download Mandar Cholkar’s lyrics are okay. Mahesh Naik’s background music is functional. Andalib Pathan’s action and stunt scenes are excellent. Anil Wath’s art direction is so so. Editing (Pankaj Sapkale) needs to are sharper.

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Bakaal Marathi Movie Download

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