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Anti Indian Tamil Movie Download

Anti Indian Tamil Movie Download Available HD 720p 1080p Online Political street artist Basha has been brutally murdered by unidentified assailants. Being a Muslim, his relatives and friends take his body to a nearby mosque for burial. However, the mosque authorities refused to bury Basha’s body as the deceased never practised any religion other than that of his mother being Hindu.

His acquaintances take his body to a graveyard where Hindus are cremated. But the authorities were not ready to bury him, citing his religious identity. Since the deceased’s mother had recently converted to Christianity, a Christian priest claiming that Basha’s body belonged to his religion became part of the controversy.

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Anti Indian Movie Review / Story

Anti-Indian is an unusual and compelling title for a film, as the term is often used on social media to deliberately anger and incite dissidents on issues of national interest.

All eyes are on Blue Sattai Maaran ever since he made his directorial debut with the film, owing to his popularity among Tamil film connoisseurs to rave reviews over the years. In a political cartoon, Maran tries to take this idea out of the box with the film.

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Anti Indian Tamil Movie Detail

The film begins with a close-up shot of Basha’s body, followed by a shot of the establishment mourning the tragic death of his mother and other acquaintances. Basha, a political street artist and acquaintance of local politicians, is murdered by unidentified assailants.

After official police interrogation, his friends and relatives took him to the mosque for burial. But the authorities are not ready to bury his body there as they believe that the deceased do not follow any religion. He also pointed out that Basha’s mother was a Hindu, adding that there was another reason for not allowing her to be buried there.

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This creates a small racial tension that is fueled by some cops. At the suggestion of an opportunistic right-wing politician, they retrieve his body and decide to bury it in a cemetery for Hindus.

But he did not expect to be disappointed this time, as the authorities there were reluctant to bury the body of a Muslim. A group of Christians, led by a pastor, enter the scene and claim Basha’s body as the deceased’s mother who had recently converted to Christianity.

Although many in the film industry are waiting for him to become infamous, Maran dared to take on the story that he would face the wrath of the censor board. Facing various issues including censorship formalities, the film, which received a U/A certification, managed to release only one dialogue by Mook.

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With an unusual, never-before-heard theme, Maran sheds light on the religious anarchy prevailing in society. It is a striking example of how organized religions can manipulate people’s futures and how unjustly they degrade. The film also tries to identify the real anti-Indians in our society. Also, it is very hard to believe that the scenes in the film are based on a real incident.

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