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Addicted Full Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Anyone able to look behind that idealized exterior would quickly discover Zoe’s inner life could also be a hot mess. As she confesses on her first visit to sympathetic therapist Dr Spencer, she and Jason appear the hay two to three times every day but it’s still not enough. Her insatiable trying to find something more leads to a torrid affair with Addicted Full Movie Download passionate Latin artist Quinton Canosa, who entices her alongside his provocative paintings and slightly disturbing abandonment issues.

When the intimacy of her relationship with Quinton becomes an excessive amount Addicted Full Movie Download of to handle, Zoe heads for a neighbourhood Atlanta club and picks up Corey, a wild womanizer quite willing to satisfy a minimum of a variety of her carnal desires with zero emotional attachment.

Movie Review / Story

Meanwhile, Zoe’s perfect life starts to crumble she’s MIA from her son’s soccer games also as Addicted Full Movie Download important business meetings arranged by her BFF and colleague, Brina. All the while, It’s hardly an artful lament for the loneliness of addiction, a la Steve McQueen’s Shame, but it’s not exactly an act of cinematic shaming either a minimum of until a totally bewildering third-act twist temporarily transforms Quinton into a rampaging maniac before he disappears from the image entirely.

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In the end, Jason has the utmost amount to seek out out about himself as Zoe, and thus the film’s fiercely pro-marriage stance ultimately feels more respectful of both partners than the laughably Addicted Full Movie Download moralistic Perry films or the male panic nightmares Perhaps something that involves a happy marriage or an empowered woman following her desires without the onus of a compulsive illness hanging over her head.

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The sudsy quality of the assembly ensures all the performers look terrific but aren’t given particularly impressive material to work with. Still, “Dream Girl” co-star Leal comfortably shoulders the strain of a lead during which she’s onscreen in almost every Addicted Full Movie Download scene, bringing simple desirability to the part and reminding audiences how depressingly few and far between substantial roles for black actresses truly are. Maybe intentionally, Leal has more chemistry with Kodjoe than Levy, a telenovela star and former Dancing With the Stars contestant who never seems quite as irresistible because the character demands.

Tech credits are standard, including Aaron Zigman’s hot-and-bothered score, although production designer Jeffrey Pratt Gordon’s immaculate home and office spaces could leave an alternate marketing strategy as interior design.

Based on the best-selling novel by Zane, “Addicted,” directed by Bille Woodruff, offers steamy s*x, domestic melodrama, 12-step piety and Addicted Full Movie Download deep shame, sometimes beat an equivalent scene. “Addicted” is that the story of a lady who has it all: happy marriage, two kids and an exciting career, and yet throws it all away due to her addiction to s*x. The s*x she has outside her marriage is thrilling and forbidden, but she has many s*x together with her husband too.

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“Addicted” is meant to be erotica, so perhaps brooding about it an excessive amount is unfair, but the film is so uneven also as way too long, Addicted Full Movie Download that thinking becomes inevitable. things aren’t helped by a bloated, confused script that does not seem to understand what it wants to be. Zoe features a lot of hot s*x. She is punished for it. She realizes she is “sick.” Cue strings.

The film opens with Zoe getting out of her car wearing a fitted, houndstooth coat and giant sunglasses, walking in slo-mo towards a building as men address looked at her appreciatively. She smiles back. She also fingers a mysterious scar on her wrist. She goes to satisfy with a psychiatrist for the primary time. The psychiatrist asks Zoe to inform her story. Zoe voiceovers that her life is ideal, and that we are treated to a montage of playing charades together with her family, and hot naked s*x together with her husband.

The hot-husband-s*x is followed by Zoe sneaking right down to watch on her laptop. Masturbating, within the world of “Addicted,” may be a sign that something is deeply wrong within the marriage. Things aren’t so perfect in any case.

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Zoe is an artists’ rep who has her own company, and she or he is hooked into signing a mysterious artist named Quinton Canosa William Levy. When asked why she loves his work, this woman supposedly features a background in art. Before you recognize it, they’re having s*x in his fabulous private studio.

also as in an empty warehouse where he shows her a mural he has been performing on for years never shown this to anyone,” he tells her with tears of vulnerability in his eyes. Zoe starts sneaking around on her husband, and things with Quinton quickly become too complicated for her to handle. Not only is he always in some state of nudity, tempting her together with his rock-hard abs, he’s also tender and damaged.

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The screenplay, by Ernie Barbarash and Christine Welsh, is both totally on-the-nose and totally a multitude. Zoe races into the arms of her various lovers, neglecting her husband and youngsters, giving herself over to the novelty of her conquests, and it’s all presented in as s*xualized and erotic how as possible. The s*x is graphic, but during a “Red Shoe Diaries” quiet way. It all feels stiff Addicted Full Movie Download and imposed, as if suddenly “Addicted” remembered it wanted to be a Lifetime Movie of the Week that features a lesson for us all, rather than erotica that knows it wants to show you on and has no shame that.

The characters aren’t recognizable citizenry, they’re overwrought emotional states walking through immaculate settings wearing fabulous clothing Addicted Full Movie Download ready to be torn off at a moment’s notice. Emayatzy Corinealdi plays Zoe’s assistant, a straight-talking go-getter, frustrated together with her distracted boss, and she or he brings practical energy to the hothouse mood of the film that’s welcome and sometimes funny. She seems like a true person.

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