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99 Songs Movie Download Available HD 1080p The nonlinear narrative is challenging to the viewer, a minimum of initially because we do not get scenes that provide an emotional anchor for us to worry about the characters. this is often why when Jay breaks out into the songs, Sophia or Punnagai Maayai Ival, we feel a way of something amiss, because we neither know who Jay or Sophia is.

The film asks us to directly invest this romance, but as long as this turns into something epic, we wish the film had given us a couple of scenes fixing the romance, a minimum of through a few of the romantic songs that pepper the primary half. The arc involving Jay and Polo, his college friend, is best developed and feels far more wholesome. it’s the type of shocking statement that creates one to stay up and concentrate immediately, especially because the film’s story is by AR Rahman.

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Movie Review / Story

The son, Jay, is inexplicably drawn to music. As he says, Music our bodies. and therefore the film narrates his journey to prove that music is, together character puts it, the last little bit of magic during this world. Jay’s journey to the present end is caused by his girlfriend, Sophia’s father, Sanjay Singhania (Ranjit Barot), who sees music more as a commodity. When Jay tells him he wants to compose songs, he tells him that folks who have gone in pursuit of art have only ended up ignoring their families. He challenges Jay to prove that one song can change the planet, and therefore the latter takes it up. But the catch. he cannot meet or maybe ask Sophia until then.

99 Songs Movie Download

It is no surprise that music is that the drive of 99 Songs. The film is essentially narrated through songs, and director Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy shoots both the scenes and therefore the songs more sort of a music video, with sleek visuals, rapid cuts, minimal dialogues. This approach is additionally the film’s drawback because the scenes don’t linger long enough for the emotions to linger with us. the pictures fleet across the screen, like during a dream. This approach seems intentional and while this ensures that the surreal elements within the film don’t stick out, the breathless editing lessens the emotional impact.

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But then, later within the film, we realize that quite the romance, Rahman and Vishwesh try to form a bigger statement, about the facility of music and the way it can change the planet. The film never lets go of this core thought, and constantly finds new ways to mention this repeatedly, succeeding mostly, and appearing naive sometimes. And once we settle into the fractured narrative rhythm of the film, things recover. There are even some transcendental moments, just like the scene which shows how a young Jay came to imbibe the music from around him, and therefore the one where we see him play with the threads of kites imagining them to be the strings of a musical instrument. And albeit the ultimate portions, just like the beginning, feel rushed, Rahman’s entrancing music and therefore the spectacular visuals keep us glued till the top.

99 Songs Movie

He is crazy with a mute girl, Sophia Singhania (Edilsy Vargas), the daughter of an upscale industrialist. He wishes to marry Sophia but we have a stereotypical dad who doesn’t believe Jay’s dreams of becoming a musician. When Jay stands his ground, the dad lays down a challenge composed of 100 songs before he can come around asking his daughter’s hand in marriage. then Jay sets out on a journey that turns both his and Sophia’s worlds the wrong way up. How the duo reunites by overcoming hardships, self-doubt and infidelity rumours form the remainder of the plot.

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In its visual narrative, 99 Songs may be a nerd fest especially for those that work closely with musical instruments. There are fabulous shots of the music-making process which will only serve the interests of a distinct segment community. the difficulty which is the film’s undoing is that the boring, old storyline, and therefore the familiar tropes.

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