36 Farmhouse Full Movie Download Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p

36 Farmhouse Full Movie Download

36 Farmhouse Full Movie Download Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p Padmini Raj Singh, a wealthy old lady, has already made a will to name her eldest son Raunak Singh as the sole owner of the farmhouse and 300 acres of land in case of her death. However, when her other children Gajendra and Birendra claim an equal share of the land, a conflict of inheritance ensues. Is it possible to resolve these conflicts or will they become ugly?

The film begins with the effects of an epidemic and how it is becoming harder for migrants to return to their hometowns in the wake of Lockdown 2020. However, the plot revolves around a family feud over the legacy and murder mystery. The lion is in grave danger.

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Movie Review / Story

Padmini Raj Singh (Madhuri Bhatia), the family’s vice-chancellor, lives with her eldest son Raunak (Vijay Raj) in a grand mansion outside Mumbai. The rest of the family, especially his second son, a filthy rich Gajendra (Rahul Singh) and his youngest son’s wife Mithika (Flora Saini) believe that Raunak has run away with his mother for the property. Humiliated and refused to accept it. The rest of the story will show whether he succeeded in giving his mother an equal share of the land.

Directed by Ram Ramesh Sharma and produced by Subhash Ghai, ’36 Farmhouse ‘is based on the concept of’ Some steal out of necessity, some steal out of greed ‘, and the legacy of the farmhouse is central to the story. At first glance, this seems to be a simple family drama in which all the characters can be easily found in any Indian family. Ghai’s OTT debut is a mash-up of a variety of genres, from sitcom to murder mystery to romance to family drama, and explores a wide range of emotions, from greed to class inequality. But, without a hint of comedy and romance, nothing proves to be interesting. Sharad Tripathi keeps the dialogues short and direct, but the dialogues given by Sanjay Mishra will make you laugh out loud.

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Movie Detail

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Movie Name: 36 Farmhouse (2022)
Movie Director: Ram Ramesh Sharma
Lead Star cast: Pradeep Bajpai, K.K. Gautam, Ashwini Kalsekar
Movie Producer: Zee Studios
Movie IMDB Rating: 3.9/10
Movie Budget: 4 Crore INR
Streaming partner: Zee5
Production company: Mukta Arts, Zee Studios
Movie Language: Hindi
Movie Release Date: January 21, 2022
Movie Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Official Sites Youtube, Zee5
Movie Duration: 2:05
Movie Size: 312MB, 922MB & 1.1GB
Movie Format: MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV
Movie Quality: 720p, 1080p, 1440p (estimated)

In the opening scenes, Raunakla’s lawyer warns that he will not be able to inherit his mother’s property on his own. Moreover, the land should be shared equally between him and his two younger brothers. The lawyer, however, disappears immediately after the encounter and the police begin to suspect all the servants and their families. The whole twist is fictional and unnecessary and it clashes with the story of the film. However, Jay Prakash alias JP (Sanjay Mishra), a migrant subplot, on his way back to his village, accidentally gets a job offer from Beni (Ashwini Kalsekar) and enters the farmhouse under a false identity and Padmini’s granddaughter. Antara (Barkha) Singh, a fashion designer by profession, comes to live with her grandmother Harry (Amol Parashar) and has a lot of fun in the story. Overall, the plot is predictable, and the climax isn’t a big deal.

Mainly filmed in a farmhouse, Akhilesh Srivastava’s cinematography explores property from all angles. Senior filmmaker Subhash Ghai also made his debut as a musician and lyricist. The way Sanjay Mishra has brought his song ‘Mind Your Business’ to the screen, has added funny elements like Hariharan’s voice. Decades after ‘Pardes’, Ghai reunited with Sonu Nigam to sing ‘Mohabbat’. Both songs are pleasant to listen to, but the tempo is much slower than the other songs of this period.

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Speaking of performances, this is Sanjay Mishra’s show. It has a comic timing spot and makes JP one of the most memorable and fun characters out there. Harry, played by Amol Parashar, is another character. The father and son enter the house secretly, but soon find a big plan in the farmhouse, organized by their wealthy owner.

Madhuri Bhatia plays the role of the head of the family, her grandmother alias Padmini Raj Singh, who wants her family to love her more than her money. Vijay is convincing in the role of Raj Raunak, has a track mind with a failed business and marriage and needs his mother’s support to rebuild his life. Barkha Singh has played the role of Antara in search of affection from her grandmother. Her on-screen chemistry with Harry is great.

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It is not a new thing for Ashwini Kalsekar to play the role of Beni, as she has already shown her skills in playing similar roles. Although Rahul Singh’s Gajendra and Flora Saini’s Mithika have limited roles, they both contribute to the story.

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Overall, Subhash Ghai’s 107 minutes of moderate social commentary on greed, class inequality, family disputes and romance seems to be a partial attempt. Sanjay Mishra’s eccentricity on the other hand makes it light and attractive watch.

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