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302 Telugu Movie Download

302 Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Tamilrockers Avantika((Bhavika Desai), may be a middle-class girl who falls crazy with an upscale boy named Raj(Ravi Varma). One fine day, she decides to satisfy him during a hotel. As soon as she goes there, Avantika finds out that Raj is ready to cheat her and fly away abroad. Knowing this, she starts quarreling with Raj and one among them gets killed accidentally. Who is one that gets killed? what is going to happen now and the way does the remainder of the story unfolds within the whole crux of the film.

Vijay Sai, who gave up the ghost recently plays a key role during this film. The way his role helps the heroine throughout the film is sweet and Vijay Sai does a really good job with it. Heroine Bhavika Desai does well in her glamorous role and provides tons of 302 Telugu Movie Download visual percept. once more, Vennela Kishore does an honest job and evokes good fun in his role as an individual who forgets things. the opposite key cast like Tillu Venu, Jabardasth Rakesh, Ravi Varma, and Tagubothu Ramesh did well in their roles.

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Movie Review / Story

As the film has been delayed tons, everything looks outdated and is out of place. There are numerous characters that enter the scene with no connection to most stories. that’s the sad stage of the film because the story and therefore the main theme isn’t clear in the least.

302 Telugu Movie Download

302 Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Filmyzilla

The screenplay goes for a toss as many scenes are there only for the heck of it and are so over the highest that you simply keep watching the entrance time 302 Telugu Movie Download and again. Even after having good actors like Vennela Kishore and Tillu Venu, the director didn’t make use of him properly.

As said earlier, the songs of the film are decent but the BGM is over the highest and cheap. Editing may be a disaster then is that the camerawork which is out of place most of the time. the manufacturers have also not followed basic production values for the film. Coming to the director Karthikeya, he has done a poor job with the film. His writing has no seriousness in the least and pops track apart from a couple of comedy scenes.

302 Telugu Movie

On the entire, 302 may be a botched-up thriller that matches wrong in many departments. Silly and over the highest scenes, the lack of 302 Telugu Movie Download seriousness in thrills irritates the audience to no extent. Vennela Kishore is that the only solace of this film which ends as dead rubber this weekend. stand back from this one.

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Movie Songs

Thrillers feel undercooked when directors miss even a small detail when it involves fleshing out characters and therefore the film doesn’t even have a scope to thrill unless all plot holes are sealed. Unfortunately, 302 doesn’t have even the essential ingredients required of an honest thriller. quite a story and script, director Karthikeya Miryala focuses on objectifying the feminine lead. Even more annoying is that the crass and homophobic dialogues that are a test of patience and are happened as comedy.

The film kick-starts with a gaggle of prisoners telling their stories, none of them are associated with the most plot just in case you’re wondering, 302 Telugu Movie Download but seem to be wrestled into the film just to fill the run-time. None of the stories add up and find yourself only irritating the viewer. The film only gets into the thick of things once Avantika goes to the bedroom. Unfortunately, all that’s required of her is to weep whenever she faces the camera. It’s something that creates you weep too, not from the emotion of it all, but with regret that this film just won’t end.

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302 also has way too many characters, played by Tagubothu Ramesh, Vennela Kishore, Naveen Neni, and more who enter and out of the story for no reason. What’s even weirder is how Avanthika, who’s trying to hide her crime takes the assistance of the hotel staff to try to do so and later even calls the cops herself to tell them about the body. The ‘plot twists’ that come afterward within the film are bizarre and when the film finally ends, you are feeling nothing but relief.

Avanthika was born into a poor family and falls for an upscale man named Raj. at some point both meet during a bedroom at that point she kills Raj. Who is Avanthika? Why she killed Raj? to understand we’ve to 302 Telugu Movie Download travel to the theater and watch the film.

302 movie fails in impressing the audience. Late actor Vijay Sai performed well in his role. Vennela Kishore’s comedy is sweet in the last half. Director poor taking and really old screenplay are big minus points. special effects and editing works are okay. Overall users can skip the film.

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302 Telugu Movie Download HD 720p Tamilrockers

Director: Karthikeya Miriyala

Date Created: 2023-01-28 03:47

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