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2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla

2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download

2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download HD 1080p Filmyzilla Adith(Sri Pawar) instantly falls in love with Avika(Kriti Garg) and even proposes to her. But to his shock, Avika lays a condition to him that she will only love him for two hours straight. Adith accepts this condition and starts spending time with Avika. Once again, Avika lays one more condition to Adith that she wants a break for two months in her relationship.

Even for this, Adith agrees and as time passes by, he comes to know that Avika is originally known by the name Nayana. Why did Avika change her name? What is this whole concept of 2 Hours Love? To know this, you have to watch the film on the big screen.

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Movie Review / Story

Hero Sri Pawar did his role sincerely and stood as the highlight of the film. His performance is quite realistic in many scenes and the young actor showcased his emotions well in the crunch climax scenes. The concept of 2 Hours Love looks interesting on paper. 2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download Heroine Kriti Garg looks cute and also did her key author-backed role well. Her chemistry with Sri Pawar looks good on screen. Srinivasa Raju, the guy who played the negative role was really impressive in his character. His comic timing in the film is good. Some of the love scenes showcased look a bit novel on screen. He has designed the love track well.

2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download

The director starts the film well but after a point loses grip on the proceedings and brings in some silly scenes which sidetrack the film. Some scenes in the film look repetitive and could have been chopped off by the makers to make things interesting. Because of all this, the basic flow in the film completely goes missing. The second half is the actual culprit where the film goes down drastically. Even though the concept looks good, the execution part is not that convincing at all. There were a lot of scopes to elevate the content but the 2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download director failed to do so. The basic conflict point is also not addressed well.

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2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download Leaked By Filmyzilla

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Editing is just about okay as the film could have been trimmed a bit more in the second half. Camerawork by Praveen is decent as he has engagingly showcased the love track. Production values of the film are also impressive. Music by Gyani Singh is impressive as the songs have been composed well. His background score for the love track is very good. Coming to the director Sri Pawar, his concept is good but the way he stupidly executed the film shows his inexperience. However, Avika puts forth a condition she will love Adith only for 2 hours a day, from evening 4 to 6 daily. Thus starts their period of courtship, in which Avika calls the shots.

2 Hours Love Telugu Movie

After some incidents between them, Avika puts another condition of taking leave in love for two months and stays away from him. Adith comes to know Avika is using a fake name and her real name was Nayana. This makes him delve deeper into Avika’s past. 2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download Why does Avika keep Adith away for two months. Why the ‘2 hours love’ condition. Does this issue become a thorn in the flesh for their relationship? These questions get an answer in the latter half of the movie.

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Movie Songs

Sri Pawar, who also directed the movie, is a revelation. He acts with ease in the scenes where he expresses his love for Avika. As he is also the director, he knows how to conceive a scene well. He displays the screenplay cleverly and the climax scenes are promising. 2 Hours Love is a new attempt at mixing a love story and suspense in equal measures. Another aspect of 2 Hours Love is the music by Gyaani Singh, which is really good and provides the required amount of breeziness and intrigue to the plot.

The only weak link in 2 Hours Love is its lag in the screenplay. Most of the scenes look overstretched and the second half is particularly slow. Overall, the movie is a good launching vehicle for Sri Pawar, who is definitely a promising actor. We had seen so many young and talented directors or actors who made their debut but for the 2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download for the first time we are seeing an actor come to director Sri Pawar who made an entry as both actor and director with his upcoming film entitled as 2 hours love. It was produced by Srinika’s creative works. After a round of promotions, this film had released today. Let’s see whether the hard work of Sri Pawar had paid off or not.

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The movie starts with an introduction scene of Adhay (Sri Pawar) as a software engineer. Adhay falls in love with Nayana (Kriti Garg) at a coffee shop. Their love track between the lead pair starts but with full of conditions and agreements that Nayana will Love Adhay only afternoon 4-6 pm. With no option left Adhay signs agreements and both of them start loving exactly 4-6 pm. Nayana is a multi tasking girl.

On the other side, the Villian gang wanted to attack Nayana as they had issues with her in the past. As Villians are planned to attack Nayana, Adhay wanted to save her, but she doesn’t hear his words as the time was not 4 pm. Later Adhay fights with Villian gang and saves Nayana. With an entry of DGP (Nayana’s father) movie 2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download comes to a half end.

What are the conditions and agreements made by the lead pair? What is their flashback? What happened to the lead pair in the second half. Have they married at the end or not? What are the issues of villian gang with 2 Hours Love Telugu Movie Download heroine? If you wanted to know all the answers to the above questions watch the film on the big screen.

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2 Hours Love

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