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14 Phere Movie Download

14 Phere Movie Download

14 Phere Movie Download HD Available To Watch Online 720p 1080p Filmyzilla Jalshamoviez Online Vikrant and Kriti Both the actors come up with fine performances. Vikrant is especially good in comical sequences. The situational comedy that has been generated through the tricky situations the lead pair finds themselves in is sweet in parts. The climax portion is silly but it serves the aim i.e, leave the viewers in splits.

14 Phere features a wafer-thin plot and there’s zero-depth within the story. The latter half is loaded with slapstick comedy and therefore the screenplay is much too predictable. we will easily guess what’s close to happening next within the story. the entire subplot of tricking the families of the lead pair loses steam to some extent and it seems too tiresome.

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Movie Review / Story

So when a movie is about not one but two marriages, there are problems abound on-screen and off of it. 14 Phere is a few Rajput guy Sanjay (Vikrant Massey) and a Jatt girl Aditi (Kriti Kharbanda) trying to measure their ‘happily ever after’ despite surmounting problems from both their garden-variety casteist families. But it doesn’t mean these proverbial star-crossed lovers are within the world of a Sairat.

14 Phere Movie

They don’t want to elope because they love their parents. They also want to urge married because that’s what their parents want them to try to do. What ensues may be a grand comedy of errors and mistaken identities, which never really flies. once we first meet Sanjay and Aditi, they’re already crazy, and with only one montage song, we are familiar with the story of how Sanjay met and fell crazy together with his college senior, Aditi. it’s this comfortable life far away from the truth that comes crashing down when Shwetha, Sanjay’s sister, elopes with a man from a special caste.

While Sanjay’s family’s decision to urge him married immediately seems to be a traditional consequence, the nonchalance about the family patriarch’s decision to murder the sister is shocking. Soon after this insensitivity to Shwetha’s impending honour killing, we get a funny sequence when Sanjay is forced to start out spinning a yarn of lies about the caste of his girlfriend. an identical lie is told by Aditi to her parents then we have the couple taking within the help of a group of faux parents (Gauahar Khan and Jameel Khan) to tug off two marriages.

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14 Phere Movie Song List

  1. Shor Sharaba Song
  2. Ram Sita Song
  3. Aag Ka Dariya Song
  4. Hum Dono Yun Mile Song
  5. Ghodi Chadhke Song

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Making a light-hearted film about caste and honour killing may be a tightrope walk. It isn’t that Sanjay and Aditi, who are at the receiving end of caste-based atrocities, are absolving the thought of caste. they only want to tiptoe around it and advance to raised pastures within the West. Even once we see people being threatened with immolation, we are expected to tease the ‘funny’ dialogue exchanges.

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Even once we see Aditi eager to run far away from her casteist family, we see Sanjay eager to stay back due to … well, mother sentiment. once more, it’d seem an honest enough thing to possess a conflict on, but the last word resolution almost negates the earnestness. an equivalent holds good for the central conflict too because the much-awaited climactic showdown doesn’t land all the punches. it becomes an exercise of a surface-level exploration of a deep-rooted problem.

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While the performances and dialect proficiencies of the leads and supporting characters are engaging, their big humour set pieces, like scenes from ensemble films made by the likes of Priyadarshan, don’t work the way the manufacturers had envisioned. I used to be more worried about what would happen to the present couple after the wedding got over, the climactic showdown was done, and they all returned to their respective homes. I couldn’t, for one moment, believe they were left off the hook because there isn’t even a cursory nod towards a change of heart. The families are still casteist. What if a year after the wedding approximately, these families do the unthinkable? whilst the curtains close with all the characters smiling, I couldn’t help but consider a bunch of what-ifs. Hope all’s well with what only looks like it ended well.

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