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13 Mussoorie

13 Mussoorie Web Series Download

13 Mussoorie Web Series Download Available HD 720p A fearless inquiring journalist Aditi Bisht lives excellent life within the scenic hill station Mussoorie. She is merrily married to an area cop Rishi Pant. Her perfect life collapses once she is contacted by AN unknown one who tells her the truth regarding AKS a manslayer who had traumatised the small city some years past by effecting a series of ugly murders.

Aditi’s father, a deceased cop, Ajay Bisht (Naveed Aslam), had been the investigation officer within the AKS case, however, a tragic accident had left him lame some time past, and AKS was ne’er caught. A twist follows once Aditi is surprised to know regarding the mystery man and to her surprise, she even gets unfree by an individual killer claiming himself to be AKS. can she be ready to hunt the killer and unveil the reality?

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Web Series Review / Story

Abhijeet Das’s (director) 13 part series might be an interesting quick-paced, cat and mouse crime drama. All parts from the fog lined hill stations, the scary jungles, the persistent downfall and people being closelipped around increase the already image excellent setting for a mystery. However, these murders are shown in a very tame manner and there is no convincing build-up to the suspense which could have turned this crime adventure story into a suspenseful thriller.

13 Mussoorie Web Series Download

In the initial episodes, the script (by Karmanya Ahuja) sets the premise of an edge of the seat adventure story which may have left the viewers dyspnoeal for breath. however shortly when the third episode, it seems to be a series that follows a series of murders happening around the town and also the department of government pointlessly chasing an individual killer ‘AKS’. The construct is basic however intriguing but the execution of constant might be a touch off that’s disappointing. The background score merges well to elevate the impact of the series. However, it lacks the comportment needed for it to be AN memorable crime thriller.

The series boasts an ensemble cast that keeps the pace of the show exciting. Shriya Pilgaonkar gives an understated performance and shines in every scene. Viraf Phiroz Patel has put up a convincing and restraining performance as both a loving spouse and a reputed cop, Rishi Pant. Naved Aslam’s character of a famous policeman Ajay Bisht is sort of well written. He stays with the viewers throughout. aside from the first case, there’s no single character that seems out of place, be it Teena Singh, who plays Aditi’s friend Nisha Gosain.

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13 Mussoorie Web Series

Despite enormous bends within the road and a few honest performances by the cast, ‘13 Mussoorie’ misses the mark as far as being a foothold of the seat thriller cares and finishes up being a mean watch instead. it had been long due that I watched a stimulating thriller and Voot selects the latest show, 13 Mussoorie solved my problem. Shriya Pilgaonkar and Viraf Patel as Aditi and Rishi leave you on the sting with their whodunnit.

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The story, because the title suggests, is predicated in Mussoorie where Aditi Bisht, who is the daughter of a renowned policeman of the town, Ajay Bisht, lives a cheerful life together with her husband Rishi, also a policeman. The first episode sets the tempo right with a killing by a serial murderer called AKS the case is being investigated by Ajay Bisht. It then jumps 4 years later, where we are told that Bisht couldn’t solve the case and has ended abreast of a wheelchair after an accident but there has been no killing post his car crash. He soon loses his life.

There are about 13 episodes within the series and I was quite glued thereto till the 10th episode. there have been tons of twists and turns and each time I assumed I guessed who the killer is, I used to be proven wrong, which is what kept the momentum going. The last three episodes got a touch draggy and I feel the show could have gotten wrapped in 11 episodes during a much crisper way.

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He gives out clues, leads you to a suspect yet doesn’t reveal much so as for you to guess who the important culprit is. Every character seems like a suspect and that quite applauds worthy for a director making a thriller.

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13 Mussoorie

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